CCU Undercover: Sushi Train, Dee Why

CCU makes no secret of the fact that she is IN LOVE with Japanese cuisine. What started out as a small, harmless infatuation, grew into a desire for sushi every night instead of roti and curry. Sigh… the pains of separation.

But due to these limitations of eating Japanese food at home, she tried her absolute utmost to eat it whenever she went out. Oh for the taste of soy sauce dribbling down a jasmine-rice stuffed seaweed roll.

Sigh… But at this particular Sushi Train she visited, she got a whole lot more Japanese cuisine than she anticipated…

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Enter Dee Why. A cute little town located on the beach a 1/2 hr drive from the city, and a solid 1 hr drive from my suburb. Quaint and cute, the majority of the town’s shops are located along one central strip. Bounce through them, going from Thai, to Indian, to Subway, and suddenly, you arrive at Sushi Train. Yes, I know the majority of sushi selling Japanese restaurants are sushi trains, but this one really was called just that.



On walking in, it looked very contemporary but oriental at the same time. Japanese influence without outwardly displaying the flag 🙂 With bright lights surrounding the mahogany tables and tan walls, it really set off the train of dishes circulating around. I liked how it looked fancy, but still simple, a mix of booths and counter chairs leading to the kitchens, where you could see the chefs preparing meals!


On arrival, my brother and I (since he is the only other person in my family with a love for sushi), were greeted by a really friendly staff, who directed us to our booth. There was soy sauce and a menu waiting, along with chopsticks and a make-shift, place-mat, and our server explained that this particular branch of Sushi Train, which is actually Australia wide, still has an pending liquor licence.


What I really liked about this restaurant was that despite the range of delicious sushi dishes and desserts coming along the train, the menu offered an incredible range of more vegetarian dishes, seafood and meat sushi and there was always a server available to take down any orders for you, which were not already on the train. It was a very efficient system, and our server told us that the train’s dishes changed frequently, to showcase everything on the menu! 😀


Initially, my brother and I decided to stick to the train alone, and picked lots of plates off and devoured them. Heads up – the sushi was so utterly delicious that for the first time, I didn’t even need to drip soy sauce on top. Each dish was flavoursome enough in its own right! And common to all sushi trains, each plate held a different pricing, none of which were exorbitant at all!


Before I go into the sushi, allow me to introduce you all to our drinks. Instead of soft drinks or boring Western drinks, we delved into Japanese and oriental flavoured drinks. My brother got the Calpico (or Calpis) ($4.00), a sweet, yoghurt-based Japanese drink. It was so tasty, and to all Australians, reminded me a little of Yakult, but not so strong and very refreshing!


I decided to get a personal favourite of mine, the Aloe Vela (Vera) ($4.00), which is a juice flavoured with the aloe plant, and with deliciously soft jelly jubes scattered throughout the drink. I could have drunk it forever, it was light and very flavoursome at the same time!


Then the food started coming. And we didn’t even realise how easy it could be to overeat at this Sushi Train! My brother and I started off with the Cream Cheese, Avocado and Sundried Tomato sushi rolls ($4.50). A plate of 4 (from which my brother expertly used his chopsticks to take one from), these rolls were so creamy inside, and the burst of flavour from the sundried tomatoes went perfectly with the sticky rice!


Definitely a favourite (though I say that about all the dishes here so be pre-warned!)


After this, I went a little snap-crazy and forgot about actually eating, while my brother helped himself to many an exotic roll off the train. He first started with some prawn, specifically, the Ebi Katsu Nigiri Prawn ($4.00). Topped with what looked similar to scrambled egg, this was scarfed up pretty quickly, in fact, I was lucky to get some photos without losing my hand!



Secondly, was the Chicken & Avocado Nigiri ($4.50). I really liked how fancy this lovely sushi looked, all drizzled in sauce and looking perfect! Beside it, on the train, came quite a few bowls of condiments such as wasabi, and sweet chilli sauce and napkins, so once my brother started mixing and matching seasonings, it looked even better!


My brother also had the Waygu Ship ($4.50), a plate of sushi creating a fusion between Australia’s most well-known and beloved Waygu beef, and of course, Japanese sushi.


While by no accounts my brothers favourite, we still appreciated how creative the chefs were in creating this combination 😀


The third dish during his eat-fest was his absolute favourite, and this was the Spicy Squid Tempura Roll ($4.50). Crispy squid topping the jasmine rice, surrounded by delicious add-ons and seasonings made for one helluva sushi style!



As his ‘entree’, I suppose, my brother enjoyed some dumplings. Not just an dumplings though. Gyoza Pork Dumplings ($3.30). Slicked with oil and fried to slightly charged, they were apparently moist and delicious, without the filling’s flavour being overbearing. The texture was slippery, adding to how it melted in the mouth! We tipped a little too much sweet chilli sauce on them, but my brother did NOT mind 🙂



The last main meal item he tried, but did not have the ability to actually finish, was the Teriyaki Chicken Roll ($4.00). Small seaweed wrapped rolls filled generously with chicken teriyaki (as its name says), these looked very fresh and inviting as well!


But I’m sure you are wondering now ‘Uru, what did you eat?’. Guys, guys, I ate my fair share along the way and enjoyed it utterly 😀 😀

While my brother acted as my meat officer, I was munching on, for one dish, some absolutely silken, fried delicious of Inari – Sweet, deep fried bean curd ($1.50). These were hot little pillows of soft tofu, also filled with sweetly stir fried onions or shallots.


Absolutely one of my FAVOURITE Japanese dishes ever!


When my brother got the pork gyoza, I was kind of upset. In India, we have these dumplings I tried once called momos, and ever since then, I have been hooked on dumplings! So I whipped out my menu, and lo and behold, there was Vegetarian Gyoza ($3.30).


A generous dollop of sweet chilli sauce later, and I was well underway devouring these bad boys. There was a wee bit of miscommunication, in which they delivered it to the table as a takeaway dish, but no harm done. I just unwrapped it, took out the sauce they provided on the side, and proceeded to do my favourite magic trick.


One, two, three…. disappear!


Into my stomach… 😛 – Although a little oilier than preferred, these dumplings were filled with a springroll-esque vegetable mixture 😀

Now there is one part of Japanese cuisine that I love with all my heart and beyond. Tempura. Vegetables covered in this incredible batter and fried to perfection. And today, I was able to order that in SUSHI FORM! 😀


Small little rolls, filled with a cucumber piece and a tempura-ed vegetable on top, meant that on biting down, there was the additional delightful crunch from the recipe! Best idea ever. No joke, I was enamoured with the Vegetarian Tempura Rolls ($4.00).


Of course, dessert was not optional. It was a necessity. And despite my brother and I now puffing for breath and space in our stomachs, we pressed on 😀


During winter, they had a special little treat, the Orange Almond Cake ($4.50), circulating the train. I think my brother had had his eye on it for a while because as soon as we were ready, he pounced! And boy, was I glad he did, because this cake had the most delightful crumby, soft texture 😀


And then underneath the syrup-soaked cake, was a jelly-ish orange, which gave a delicious melt in your mouth flavour!


Then it was my turn to cry because I saw a Caramel Custard Pudding ($4.00). I feel like this was one of the silkiest puddings I have ever had the luxury to try, it was so fluid without being liquidy..



And after all that food… look at the result.


I don’t think I could find much of a fault at all with this hidden gem of a sushi train 😀

General Information

Rating: 9.5/10

Address: 864 Pittwater Road,
Dee Why 2099
NSW, Australia

Phone Number: 9971 9641

Website Link

Other Notes:

  • Easy takeaway options
  • Small details – the circulating sauces, seasonings, napkins and wet wipes was a brilliant touch


  • Delicious wide range on the menu – it came very quickly despite having to be made
  • Fantastic staff, all friendly to everyone
  • Fast service
  • Relatively inexpensive

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Just before I leave you all to your lives, I would like to announce the lucky winners of my Menulog Giveaway! 😀 Congrats to you both, I will be contacting you shortly with the codes!

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Disclaimer: Go Bake Yourself and her guest dined on invitation of Sushi Train, via SD Marketing. However, all thoughts and opinions are honest and her own.


  1. mjskit says:

    At first I was amazed at the size of the restaurant, then I saw the “sushi”. It’s so very different that where we go (tiny little place) and what we order. I can see I need to be more adventurous with my sushi orders.


  2. Oh yeah… Sushi is THA BEST! Love that little train, and the proud feeling you have at the end with all the plates staked up. LOL! We do Sushi Friday in my office… pumped tomorrow is Friday. 🙂


  3. Sushi conveyor belt restaurants are so much fun! My choices have been considerably limited since going vegan, but the experience is worthwhile all the same. It’s more about the interaction and the environment than the actual food in most cases anyway.


  4. Sushi Kaitin, is always such a fun outing. Now those are some Auzzie sushi rolls, super sized. So glad they finished your meal with the obligatory wet wipes. I say you know you are in Asia when your wet wipes are Sakura scented… LOL Fun dinner and great review. Take Care, BAM


  5. Liz says:

    What a terrific meal! My dad is always begging for sushi, so I’m looking forward to having my fair share when we go visit my parents in a couple weeks. I don’t think the spots in Denver can rival Sushi Train!


  6. Balvinder says:

    I too love sushi and eat at least once a month. One of my favorite (used to be) was the yam tempura one but now as I am gluten free I have started loving salmon roll.


  7. Hotly Spiced says:

    There wasn’t any Japanese cooking going on in our house when I was growing up, either. These restaurants really are becoming very popular. My little guy loves it when I take him to Sushi Train – loves being able to reach up and grab whatever he wants! xx


  8. Joanne says:

    Sushi is so good when it’s fresh (not the grocery store kind). I’m still more of a “beginner” sushi eater thought. It’s also fun yet challenging to make. The restaurant and your feast look incredible.


  9. A_Boleyn says:

    I envy you your sushi train experience. And especially the interesting desserts. We DO have such a sushi train restaurant in town and I have been meaning to go for the last several years but just never got around to it between the regular sushi restaurants that I’ve visited and, for the last few years, the all you can eat places which are ‘ticket’ restaurants.


  10. Suzanne says:

    Well now you’ve done it, I now must get some sushi. Wasn’t even on my mind until I read this post and so tonight is sushi, I think everything looks outstanding.


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