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CCU Undercover: Sushi Train, Dee Why

CCU makes no secret of the fact that she is IN LOVE with Japanese cuisine. What started out as a small, harmless infatuation, grew into a desire for sushi every night instead of roti and curry. Sigh… the pains of separation.

But due to these limitations of eating Japanese food at home, she tried her absolute utmost to eat it whenever she went out. Oh for the taste of soy sauce dribbling down a jasmine-rice stuffed seaweed roll.

Sigh… But at this particular Sushi Train she visited, she got a whole lot more Japanese cuisine than she anticipated…

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Enter Dee Why. A cute little town located on the beach a 1/2 hr drive from the city, and a solid 1 hr drive from my suburb. Quaint and cute, the majority of the town’s shops are located along one central strip. Bounce through them, going from Thai, to Indian, to Subway, and suddenly, you arrive at Sushi Train. Yes, I know the majority of sushi selling Japanese restaurants are sushi trains, but this one really was called just that.

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