And So Ends The 2014 World Cup…

What a match.

What a thrill.

What an honour to watch two teams go head on to bring home the glory.

Is it not heartbreaking, that only one team can win?

Honestly, without the dulce de leche oozing gently out of my alfajores, I don’t know how I would have made it through all that stress!


This morning, at 5am Sydney time, I was huddled in a blanket, surrounded by an overdose of testosterone, watching Argentina play Germany in the FIFA world cup finals of 2014. I wasn’t waiting for the sunrise, or passing time due to my insomniac tendencies, but genuinely hauled my butt out of bed at 4:30 in the morning, solely for the game.

I watched the weaving, the fancy footwork of players that could put prima ballerinas to shame. I watched them take dives, rolling 1-2-3-4 times, before halting their diva antics until they realised no one actually cared. I watched the sun setting in Maracanã, Brazil, as the Redeemer embraced it, and then magically reappearing in my own backyard.


As the sun came up, my stomach came to life, and breakfast called. Instead of eating dry toast and tea, I ate a biscuit that would give me as much life as the players had on my TV screen.

I frustratedly whacked my hand against the couch when Higuain passed up many an opportunity to score for Argentina. I saw his offside goal. Who knew a small distance of roughly 2m would mean so much in the long run of this match?

As the intensity built up, my hand simply had to reach for another alfajore to calm my nerves. The dulce de leche’s sweet, caramel flavour made my teeth ache, sure, but soothed my heart in these troubled times!

The minutes ticked by, and despite the lack of stellar goal after goal as seen in Germany’s semi-final against the broken Brazil, there was a brooding intensity growing in the audience, not just in my living room, but in the stadium itself.


One Argentinian pass. I eat. Almost a goal. I devour half an alfajore in one bite. So continued this little game, in which somehow, I wished my alfajores would bring luck to the team I was rooting for!

At around half time, I could feel the sleep beginning to overtake. Being engulfed slowly by the Sandman, he was so close to sprinkling his dust in my eye, but I fought with tooth and nail. The soft crumbly texture of the alfajores also helped, their addictive flavour caressing my tongue, and gently ordering me to have just one more.

Just. One. More.


Obviously I was supporting Argentina. I was imagining scenarios involving Messi rising in the ranks to meet the likes of Maradona and go down in history, as he swiftly put a world cup title under his belt.


My heart actually broke for him, as he received his well-deserved Golden Ball. His semi-beaten-puppy eyes made mine well up with tears, and all I wanted to do was run down to him in my candy-stripe pajamas and give him a fresh batch of the golden alfajores, fresh from the oven.


But may I just say, that in the Argentinian team, Messi was not alone in deserving these golden sandwich biscuits from their homeland. Can we take a minute to appreciate Mascherano for tearing his anus, publically acknowledging something that would make farting difficult, and then playing anyway? Guts. Guts and perhaps some artificial courage, but wow. Alfajore worthy.


And who can forget Romero? When you saved Argentina from a Dutch defeat, I wanted to shower you with dulce de leche. I wanted to hand you a bucket of dulce de leche to do with as you please.

Now, despite saying all this, my love for Argentina, I have to point out how incredibly Germany played throughout the season. Leaving aside their ridiculous 7-1 win in the semis, the team was MADE of fabulous players, whose names were on everyone’s lips. Brazil had Neymar Jr, Argentina had Messi and Colombia had James (Hah-mez) Rodriguez.


But Germany did indeed have a team.


As you can tell, I seriously loved watching the world cup. I loved the atmosphere surrounding Brazil’s amazing hosting, will all of the skits, memes, videos and tweets flying around. On top of that, of course, watching the beautiful game, itself. I also loved the controversy, the upsets, and definitely, the way the world cup brings everyone together for a few months to sit back and enjoy the friendly, but DEFINITELY heated, competition!

With my alfajores adding to the atmosphere, the testosterone, sleep-derived guys around me were not as snippy and tense, I was relaxed and on a sugar high and basically, these pocket-worthy desserts made a 5:30 morning as bearable as it gets!

So, here’s to you FIFA 2014! *You can’t see me, obviously, but I am toasting an alfajore towards you’


Now, fast forward past all that if you do not care for football, one way or another, would you like me to tell you a bit about this delicious recipe? 😀

The biscuits for this puffed quite a bit, but luckily did not spread. They were sweet and soft, almost reminiscent of a spongecake in my mouth, and I swear, when you hit the dulce de leche filling, its sweetness went perfectly with the cookies 🙂


And who knew dulce de leche was so easy to make at home? Meeeeeee! Because I have made it before and it is a foolproof method! No boiling cans and worries of pressure cookers here!


Enjoy mes cheris! These are good for depression eating, celebratory eating, or eating because you want to!

RECIPE 😀  – PDF Format

P.S I forgot to say: All this being said, if anyone asked me if I was an avid football lover, I would say no. I don’t know premier leagues, I don’t go out of my way to watch them. If they are on TV, I enjoy them, if I have Friends recorded, I watch that instead. But if you asked me if I am an avid FIFA world cup lover? Oh yeah, no doubt about it! And my early mornings of 2ams can attest to that fact 😉

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  2. Jo says:

    Ooh I was up at 3am to watch the finals!

    lovely cookies! never knew these alfajores are from Argentina. I like Dulce de leche. These cookies look fantastic!

    Yes I feel a little gap in my life now that the world cup is over! At the same time, I’m glad to be back to my usual sleep cycle… wait for Russia 2018!


  3. mjskit says:

    We’re going through World Cup withdrawal in this house. 🙂 We too were pulling for Argentina, but when I saw that goal that won the game, it didn’t matter who won. What a world cup goal!! Love this alfajores! Have never had one before.


  4. I really enjoyed reading about your experience watching the World Cup. I was also cheering for Argentina. But oh well.. both teams played really well anyway! Anyway! These alfajore cookies look so good… and I love that dulce de leche filling!


  5. Thanks for the link! I love watching the World Cup too, I don’t watch soccer year round but during the World Cup its a must. Sadly this year my team did not do too well……eek. I am Brazilian so watching the semi-final game against Germany was quite painful although have to say Germany played very well throughout and deserved the win!


    • No problem! I made my own bits, but the base recipe was fantastic 😀
      Aaah Brazil, yes I felt so bad for them! But losing their captain and Neymar Jr must have been emotionally destabilising without a doubt! Next time though, I look forward to Russia!!

      Choc Chip Uru


  6. Great recap of the world cup. I am guilty to admit I did not watch any of the matches but was interested to see how everything was going.Your cookies look like they need to be eaten like an oreo, I think I will separate and lick the filling first. Yum!


  7. Susan says:

    After the USA was knocked out I have to admit I lost interest. But since our daughter was in Brazil last fall and saw the Manaus stadium being built, I have to admit I was behind Argentina to win. Your biscuits sound with the perfect way to comfort the loss 🙂


  8. This World Cup proved a lot of things! Anyway, it didn’t stop you from creating a yummy-looking snack. The dulce de leche filling looks so rich and creamy. Just right for my afternoon tea ;).

    Gourmet Getaways


  9. While my other half had his share about the finals, I preferred to catch up on a movie. Football; no matter how hard I try, I just don’t have the interest.

    The cookies; simply stunning and gorgeous.


  10. BakingTray says:

    Thank you for sharing the Dulce de Leche recipe!!!! wow! I really didn’t know it’d be so easy to make!!!

    haha im the same.. only am a fan of football when it’s FIFA =p


  11. That was a GREAT game. I was cheering on Germany and was thrilled to see Gotze’s beautiful goal. (Sorry!)

    This year we got lucky with noon and 1pm live game times, but I remember having to get up at 3 in the morning to catch matches in previous years! I wonder how Russia will treat us…

    Beautiful cookies, my friend!


  12. Lilly Sue says:

    Fun recap of the game! I did not watch- i was playing a v-ball tourney- and though watching the world cup games if fun, I am no fanatic. Yummy recipe to go with it! 🙂


  13. Liz says:

    Oooh, sorry about the loss. My boys are really into soccer/football and they were always shocked if we didn’t have the current game on the TV. I think I’d rather be in the kitchen baking your terrific cookies!


  14. I’m not much of a soccer fan (I used to love playing it when I was younger, but never enjoyed watching it), although I sure do understand all the emotion fans bring to the game. Sounds like an exciting final match! Me? I’ll get excited by this great recipe. 😉 Thanks!


  15. **surrounded by an overdose of testosterone** haaaa.
    you know what I love about soccer players? They’re all good looking, man!
    Mr. Liverpool, of course, was routing for ENGLAND, then USA….Anyhow,
    Those cookies look DEEeeelish.
    xxxx Love from USA.


  16. suzanne says:

    Love alfajore, and your star shaped cookies are so beautiful. Lebovitz method of making dulce de leche is brilliant. Everyone is going through world cup withdrawl now that it’s over,


  17. Haha, you do make me laugh CCU. I wained after Australia were out, and stopped watching completly after my ‘office sweep’ team Cote D’ivoire were out… It was a lot of fun tho, my colleagues and I would dress up in our team colours and we’d cook foods from the different countries for morning tea. 🙂 Ill have to whip up a batch Argentinian Coconut Alfajores tonight for the gang tomorrow. Happy Monday friend. 🙂


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