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There are time when I get emails that don’t just make me happy. They make me grin, throw my hands around a little and get super excited! Well, I was getting off the bus after a slog of a day at uni, and BAM! What should light up my day… night… like an email from Denis Savelyev, owner of the Bezalel Art Shop @

For those living under their rocks. Etsy houses creators of all sorts, ranging from specialty outfit to customised iPhone cases, to just about anything artsy, hipster and beyond your usual ‘Homemaker’ shops. They bring ‘vintage‘ to a whole new level, often shipping worldwide.


Denis exemplifies this, by being the creator of not only handcrafted earrings and pendants in unusual, innovative designs, but of the vogue new trend;

Embossed Rolling Pins.

With over 21 different, unique designs, Denis goes beyond the usual range of a random squiggle or a pretty hexagonal shape. His designs for the rolling pins are intricate, deeply etched into the wooden rolling pins.

Here are just a couple of examples he offers, taken from his site. Press the photo and it will take you directly the its Etsy page!



I also really liked that he offered two different types of personalised rolling pins! Albeit slightly pricier, they either include writing on them (for businesses to perhaps make personalised cookies, a creative way of increasing publicity) for $55 per rolling pin, OR, monogramming your handmade design onto the wooden rolling pins ($60 per rolling pin).


When Denis asked me to review one of his rolling pins, I was ecstatic (and now you can see, with good reason!). I was dreaming of the cookies I would make, the design I would put on them, and due to the range of beautiful choices, it took me a solid half hour to decide which one to go with! Eventually however, after my indecisiveness finally collapsed from exhaustion, I chose the Owl Pattern (all patterned rolling pins are $45 per rolling pin).

Good choice right?


It was delivered promptly in the mail, and you know in those movies when you open the treasure chest and rays of light come out of it? That happened to me 🙂


Instead of light, I was hit by the sweet light scent of fresh wood! Running my hands over the considerably large rolling pin, it was smoothly made, with solid indents of the owl pattern. Very beautiful to look at.
Denis’ rolling pins are also heavier than expected, though this is a good aspect, as it makes a deeper depression when rolling onto the cookies made with them. And as I was to learn, this is quite necessary. But more on that later 😉


The handles of the pin are also loosely attached, so they roll while you roll the entire pin. For a while, I was worried they were loose, but when I actually began to use them on my cookie dough, it make it substantially easier to roll the pin, without needing to apply a boatload of pressure!

Another thing I noticed with Denis’ products are that they are freshly made, on order. Not stored away, as he wrote in his reply to me, that he would send it out as soon as he made it! 😀 – They are also quickly made and delivered, my rolling pin arrived in only a week’s time!


If you are going to order this (as a treat or gift for yourself, for someone else than use it yourself :D), here are some tips from me when baking cookies with embossed rolling pins:

  • I used dutch cocoa powder in them. Take it from me and try making a light, nice sugar cookie because it is much easier to see the design – I used icing sugar to see the design on the dark cookies


  • Roll out the cookie or pie dough with a NORMAL rolling pin first – then one strong push of the embossed rolling pin so you get a nice, clean and obvious pattern on the dough (no overlaps or messiness) – I should have pressed harder, because the dough was darker

Are you going to order one? I think you should. 🙂


General Information: Bezalel Art Shop

  • Website
  • Rolling Pins
  • Owl Pattern (specifically)
  • Made with birch wood
  • Shipped worldwide from Australia, made to order
  • Commenced in September of 2013
  • 5 star average over all ratings and comments
  • Over 450 users name it as a ‘favourite shop’ on Etsy


Now I think I have pretty much said by part about my love for all things wooden and embossed and rolling pin-ish right now. How about I talk about these incredibly sexy cookies now? 😉

Smitten Kitchen, the goddess of cooking whose blog I adapted this recipe from, claims these are ‘brownie’ roll out cookies. I get that, I totally do. They are fudgy and soft inside, and rise a little when baking to have a nice puff factor. But I prefer keeping my brownies and cookies as separate desserts (unless they fusion it up)… that’s just me 😛

photo-1024x768What I do know is that the dutch cocoa powder made these cookies intensely chocolatey, more than even I am accustomed to. And it rocked. Even by themselves, they were delicious!


But who are we kidding… Nutella makes everything better! And just like that, two sets of chocolatey owls were hugging/hiding a gooey Nutella surprise within the cookies. It was inspired, if I do say so myself! These are fast on the way to becoming my favourite sandwich cookie… although I do love devouring my alfajores… 😉


I hope you enjoy all these Nutella sandwich cookies! I know I certainly did 😀

P.S. Sorry for the slight lack of photos – my camera somehow deleted half of them!
I will never understand technology… thankfully I still had 100 left… 😉

RECIPE 😀 – Pdf format

Disclaimer: Go Bake Yourself received this embossed rolling pin courtesy of Denis @ Bezalel Art Shop. However, all opinions are honest and her own.

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  1. Lisa says:

    OMG those rolling pins are freaking amazing, I just looked at his past sales and so beautiful. Too bad his shop is currently away on holiday (bad time to be away after your review, LOL)

    And those chocolate nutella cookies look pretty darn good too.


  2. Louise says:

    Oh my gosh! Those embossed rolling pins are super duper special! It’s times like these that I wish I were a baker like you Uru. (or at least your best friend:) You certainly brought out the best of not only the rolling pins but those cookies too! Thank you so much for sharing, Uru…


  3. Debra says:

    Yes! I want one! The rolling pin is just fantastic, and my first thought is what a perfect gift this would be for a couple of my friends. The brownie rollouts couldn’t be any cuter and as for being chocolate AND Nutella, oh my goodness but heaven! This was a great recipe and wonderful post. I’m headed to Etsy!


  4. A_Boleyn says:

    The embossed rolling pins are adorable. I wish I could buy several. I especially like the seahorses but I’d have to look at all the ones available. Maybe for Christmas.


  5. When I saw the embossed rolling pins, my first thought was, “How do you keep dough from sticking in the cut-outs?” Was this a problem? And does the pin come with instructions on using and cleaning it? Your cookies look beautiful and delicious.


    • I’m sorry I didn’t write about that! Nope, no problem at all, it should be well floured before rolling. And after rolling, steel wool gets it out of the design fast 🙂
      Thank you!

      Choc Chip Uru


  6. CCU… I should know about a rolling pin with patterns on it, but I didn’t. Now I want one, I want one really bad. Adding to my Christmas wish list now. 🙂
    This is the 3rd time today I have spoken about or seen Nutella, pretty sure its a sign, or a message from the food gods. #getinmybelly Great recipe, can’t wait to try. Happy rest of week to you lovely one.


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