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CCU Undercover: Izakaya Samurai Restaurant

CCU had been so busy of late, she had had no time to bake at all! Uni this, uni that, reading this, assignment that, honestly it felt like her Saturday nights were god sent!

One Saturday night, she decided enough was enough, so calling up two friends, she decided to whisk them down to Neutral Bay to enjoy a nice hearty Japanese dinner.

CCU and her friends certainly got a lot more than just hearty, delicious food… 

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Before we even began our eating journey, I was completely out of the whole ‘driving to Neutral Bay’ thing, so we left a little extra early, arriving therefore half an hour early before our booking.

Oops 😛

Well.. no it really wasn’t an oops, because my mates and I (I have been requested to call them ‘Tofu Master’ and ‘Honorary Vegetarian’ – you shall see why… :P) trawled down the main road…

IMG_5300And we ended Mooberry for a little ‘dessert before dinner’ action 😉


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CCU Undercover: Yakiniku Koh-Ya Restaurant + Massive Giveaway!!! (Closed)

Ok, so before I begin writing about the *ahem* first AUTHENTIC Japanese barbecue restaurant in Sydney (yes, they are trusting normal civilians to play with fire and cook food), I have a massive announcement.

But before you get super excited, this applies only to Australian residents. (sorry international darlings of mine!)

There are times in life where you just want to see beauty unfold before your eyes. You want to see the colours come to life, the technique by which true art is created, and you want to sit back, relaxing in the talent.

On this one-off chance, you will also get to eat the art you see created!

Tickets on sale NOW banner

Want to know, where, how and when? Well… In three weeks I am happy to announce that there is an incredible baking event being held, aptly named the

Cake, Bake & Sweets Show

From the 21st to the 23rd of March, Sydney Olympic Stadium will be filled not with sneakers and balls, but a range of whisks beating eggs, fondant being rolled out like red carpet and frosting painting the town red (or yellow, or green!) 😉

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