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Guest Post: BeBetsy

Well guys, my exams are over by now, but I am wiped out from my first year of uni officially being complete (not that I worked as hard as I should of :P)

So I won’t be back till December (not too long no?)  – But I am baking already!

Till then, keep enjoying the amazing guest posts that have been rolling in, these bloggers are amazing!

Today, joining the wonderful chain of guest posters, we have Denise over from BeBetsyOne of my favourite websites, Denise features a lot of different writers for various homemaker topics, and each time I visit her site, I always come away with a smile 😀

Therefore without further ado, I shall leave you to enjoy her wonderful guest post full of delicious upside down cakes!

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“Too Much Fun” Hangover

Just before I start, I really would appreciate a few guest posts for my exam period in November! Email me at gobakeyourself@yahoo.com.au if you are interested, I would LOVE to feature you all 😀


Ok lovely people, you know how my posts usually go on and on and on for days on end? This post is going to be like that because I. Am. Exhausted.

Beyond exhausted, keeping my eyes open is actually quite a feat right now. Not even kidding!

Why? Because I have just had my uni break (only a week, mind you!) and instead of catching up on all the work I promised myself I would, I have been the time of my life.

Hence the exhaustion.

Let’s see now, shall we? There was the visit to Three Williams to kick off the holidays. Back then, I was still like ‘I have a week to do all my assignments and readings, I will be fine!’ – Funny. I didn’t really start working till Saturday…

Jokes, Sunday. As in, two days ago. And now I am writing my post so you can see I have progressed far 😛 But anyways

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Pears & Chocolate

Can I be honest with you? I don’t like pretentious desserts. I don’t like the bite size portions of something like vanilla custard flan topped with sweetened elderflower seedlings on a bed of bitter chocolate orange glaze or whatever. I find it weird and slightly twisted, like they are forcing together a jigsaw puzzle that just DOES NOT match!

And let’s be honest – the only thing I know about elderberries is that your father smelt of them!

– Monty Python 🙂

Anyways, as I continue my rant about these significantly tiny, wussy desserts, let me add one part which has always been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Pears poached in red wine.

I know, I understand that a ton of high class adults would be shuddering right now and Psycho’s high pitched violin is roaring in some of your heads but seriously. Ew.

Firstly the colour – pears are not red.  Nor will they ever be. That is why have apples remember? Secondly the flavour. Oh my, when I ate a little it was like the sickly sweet cherry flavoured cough syrup – it burns the throat and is disgusting! Thirdly, it was served with a tiny sliver which I count as a crumb, of chocolate cake. Now serving something so vile is just unjust and unforgivable in the face of chocolate.

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