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Pièce de Résistance

I don’t have many

Pièce de résistance

DSC_0739 1

moments in my life. Then again, I suppose if I did, or if anyone did for that matter, the French wouldn’t have bothered coining such a beautiful phrase for them. It would be too, ‘ow you say, ‘common.’ 😉

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A Quiet Post

To all those having commenting issues, I’m sorry – I have sent your screen shots and messages onto the people managing my blog and hopefully it will be resolved soon! Plug-ins and all can be crazy 😛
Thank you for being so patient though!!

And I actually totally owed you all the final part of my USA Party series, butttt I need some photos from my daddy (who is a seriously awesome amateur photographer… kind of contradictory because how can you be amateur if you are so good?) – so, not that I just buttered him up or anything (:P), hopefully I will be able to write that up soon!



Before I start my usual ramblings in this post, I would like to tell all you wonderful people who mentally sent me down the cold after my rant last post, that it worked! Because right now, it is raining outside with no blue skies for miles around me 😀
Yay! I hope I returned the favour and sent the heat steaming towards you all!


And if it wasn’t you… then I can only assume Mother Nature is drunk.

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Happy Birthday Mumma 2012

My grandma is a chef. She does not work in a fancy-shmancy restaurant though she does have a second in charge under her (*ahem*, mother…) but if she wanted to, she most definitely could. 99% of the time, you cannot fault her cooking. It is pure, Indian goodness (can’t you just smell the curry from my kitchen?)

And, like most other grandmas, she was a darn good baker! (*ahem*, mother, you better brush up your baking skills in around 10 years time! :P) – Basically everyone I know has at least one grandmother who loved to bake. I think it is a grandma thing. And boy am I glad it is.

5Aren’t you? Can you not remember coming to visit or coming home to your grandmother whipping up, I don’t know, lamington balls, in your kitchen, which you ate so many of you felt sick afterwards but didn’t feel any regret? 😛

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