Mr Cream-Cheese Married Miss Muffin

Actually Written: 21st May 2011
My family, especially my mum, was not too keen on these. Only my grandpa and I are
cheesecake fans and mum didn’t want cheesecake tasting muffins with her tea.
But I made them anyway. And the weirdest thing was discovered!
Cream Cheese Muffins don’t give a cream cheese flavour. They simply make the batter
so much better than normal muffins!!!


Oh my gosh, the fluffiness of these muffins, the fruity
batter, the moistness made me  squeal with delight like a 5 year old.

And although this may sound totally abnormal to you, but my mum told me
that she was only going to eat 1/2 a muffin and yet, ended up eating a full one!!! That’s praise of the highest level from her, believe me =P


Originally, these muffins’ recipe was just with strawberries but having
a variety of frozen fruit makes it much more flavoursome – just remember to put
the fruit in completely frozen and not room temperature otherwise colours will
run wild!


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