First Attempts

Today was my first attempt at making brown butter. It was successful. I was proud. The berry bars turned out great. I was uber proud. But it also got me thinking of first attempts in general.


They are big things, moments in life which you do and don’t want to forget depending on circumstance. My first attempt at essay writing – little bit of fail there. BUT my first attempt at swimming. Successful (I know, I was so young but when I got into that water, it really wasn’t scary and it was ok – but just to make it clear swimming/sport – except netball – is not really my thing).

I got all nostalgic about my childhood etc. etc. and you don’t want to hear about that so the bottom line is that these bars are beautiful. The smell of berries is amazing. And these bars will always have a nostalgic memory for me. First attempts do that.
Why not make one for yourself today? (And save the trouble of making dinner since these cute little bars are too good to resist!)


A short post I know but I really can’t expect to keep you by your computer when these bars have come up 🙂


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  2. NALINI! :D says:

    OHMYGOD!!!! how much do to you bake, gorgeous? haha love how youve baked so many things! i promise i WILL bake one of these delectable things soon! 😉


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