Adventures All Round

It’s apt don’t you agree that I should discover the delights of polenta at exactly the same time we get our new boat for the pool – THE EXPLORER 200?

312While in the pool my bro and myself hope to discover treasure, sunken ships, mermaids and maybe the earring I lost last summer. We shall go on adventures way beyond the edge of the earth (the end of the pool) and we shall conquer all in our way (yeah, I’m looking at you dead bugs in the pool!)
We shall maneuver around the coral reefs and stay clear of huge rocks which would cause our boat to crash (deflate…)

Sounds delightful right? Now if only the weathermen could get the weather right for once, we would be in the pool right now on said adventures…

127Well I wasn’t going to stand for it. I want adventures and I want adventures now! So I crept into the kitchen, it was cloudy, everything was in shadows and the pantry door creaked as I opened it. Something crashed behind me and I jumped but then stood frozen. Slowly, I saw the golden, sprinklings of polenta in a hideous orange bag. I grabbed the booty and darted towards the counter for safety as the Indiana Jones style big ball came rolling
out of nowhere…
Hehehehehe… I can dream right?

But yes, my adventure ended with me tasting the polenta cookies and being taken up into new heights of cookie ecstasy. Firstly the batter was superb – always a good sign. Secondly, after a little adjusting around, the cookies were nice and firm and beautiful post-baking.  And then the taste – soft, moist and melting in my mouth and then the studs of apricots throughout – oh my I need to get another one RIGHT NOW!

Some Things I Changed:

  • Used polenta instead of cornmeal! – Australia is a baking-backwards nation with no butterscotch chips, lack of caramel chips and no fun M&M packets except peanut (ILY) – why was I surprised there was no cornmeal when I barely found polenta (which is a coarser version of cornmeal)
  • Baked these at 160 degrees C instead of 180 degrees C for 13-15 minutes due to my tragedy with these ‘World Peace’ Cookies which I accidentally baked at 180 degrees – since these two cookies have similar shape I was not risking anything!
  • 213Used a generous 2/3 cup of chopped apricots because 1/3 wasn’t cutting it
  • Used 1/4 tsp baking powder instead of the 1/2 tsp due to my mishaps as seen with these cookies :p

Happy baking! Find these adventurous 😀 cookies at Joy The Baker’s Brilliant Blog!

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