Chocolate Chip Baking Week 10: Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is warning: For those looking for another ice cream machine using, creamy, dreamy dessert in this post, let me promptly link you to here. For those looking for a recipe that is quite out of the ordinary, please stay and read on 🙂 When I found this recipe on Picky Palate, I was intrigued for sure but definitely not surprised since fabulous food blogger Jenny comes up with random, delicious creations all the time! Looking through this recipe, she basically omitted some sugar and purposely lacked some liquid-y ingredients in order to make way for the batter to include a nice big heap of ice cream in it. Yes, imagine eating cool and refreshing and creamy ice cream but in dough form. 319Sounds heavenly? Tastes heavenly – something I should know by the many spoonfuls small tastes I sneaked throughout the stirring and mixing process. After the exciting part of blending in ice cream, frozen from the freezer and not even softened, these cookies are quite normal. They have the not-often-see higher white sugar ratio to brown sugar (same as my eggless white sugar chocolate chip cookies) which gives them a beautiful almost crunchy outer crust with a soft and cakey inner (though not as thick and crumby as my thick and cakey cookies).

218I did however do some things different to the original recipe in this since it didn’t quite work for me OR I just felt like the adaptation (as I always seem to do)

  • I used my homemade double chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the batter instead of vanilla – the chunks of chips and batter in the ice cream really didn’t make a difference 😛
  • I would next time decrease the flour to say 3 1/2-3/4 cups since I feel 4 cups made the dough a little extra stiff than necessary
  • These cookies did not spread much (as in to say, at all) – To counteract this, I took them out midway and squashed them down evenly with a spoon (thus resulting my messy chocolate chips which I got to lick off the spoon when I was done) – other ways to do this is to squash them before (not tonnes but a little), add in a pinch of baking powder into the batter or bake them at 190 degrees C so the immediate heat melts them into shape before baking them properly
  • I increased the ice cream to 3/4 cup by mistake and the cookie was perfect sweetness and consistency

And there we have it! My final chocolate chip cookie recipe entered into this competition! It has been a hard road, they have all fought for their places, but unfortunately this one just didn’t quite hit a category, though it is still noteworthy and a fabulous contestant! 416I will be posting up a roundup of the winners per category and sharing my secret chocolate chip cookie recipe with you – I have a little method which makes my cookies unbeatable (although it had truly stiff competition) Stay tuned and I shall post later today! Blog Signature218


    • Aww that is so sweet. While I have to keep to Picky Palate being the sweets leader, your compliment fills me up with pride and happiness that you enjoyed this post so much.
      And I firmly believe that you should never neglect your sweet instincts 🙂

      Choc Chip Uru


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