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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 4: Eggless White Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

Being Indian, I know many people who have an aversion to eggs – whether it be religious or personal choice. My own mother hounds me day after day due to the stench of ‘egg’ in the kitchen on freshly washed dishes. So I decided, for fun, to pop in an eggless chocolate chip cookie recipe – and there is no doubt that this recipe is a keeper.

While it would not be a grand prize winner in any of my categories, this is a really good practical recipe, easy to make desserts from as a base for example like: a Philadelphia style homemade ice cream sandwich, for those unable to eat egg – remember that aunty who can’t eat egg?

213Unlike the past chocolate chip cookie recipes made in this week already, these have a very crackly appearance due to the lack of binding agent and also have a crunchy, sugary exterior hiding a soft and chewy and utterly divine interior – similar to the brown sugar chocolate chip cookies but not that extent of softness.

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 3: Brown Butter Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wow. This is just wow. I can’t even begin to explain it. These have come the closest so far to kicking my original favourite off its high horse.

410Where do I begin with these cookies? They are so different to any other recipe for one thing when it comes to classic chocolate chip cookies – I mean let’s see, they:

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Chocolate Chip Baking Week 2: Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies

No elements of thin and crispy in this cookie, I assure you! These cookies were chewy heaven and so soft, that the term ‘melt in mouth’ kind of took on a new meaning. Unlike the Mrs Field’s version of yesterday which had a crispy outer layer and chewy inner and didn’t win a placing (though it was delicious nonetheless), this cookie is:


  • Winner of the ‘Soft and Chewy’ category so far, kicking out the divine but no longer placed White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie
  • Thick and initially very puffy but without a ‘cakey’ texture so common in thick cookies – this was all chewy, soft puff which did deflate on cooling (an indent for Nutella in my case at one stage :))

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