Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

Introductions: Chocolate Chip Based Baking Week

I have exciting news! And no I am not:

  1. Going overseas (just up to the coast actually)
  2. Buying a car (soon, you’ll all see)
  3. Getting my Ps (a little early I think but in approximately 8 months I shall be a lone driver!)
  4. Running away from home (I can’t even do all those grown up things like ‘balance a cheque book’ or whatever – I knew there was a reason so many people took economics in our school)
  5. Getting a dog (again, I need to be a wee bit older and a wee bit moved out…)



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Feeling Healthy Pre-Formal

Two nights ago was one of the most anticipated events of my young life so far – my year 10 formal. The night was amazing at the beginning I have to say with all the fluttering and giggling and the ‘oh my gosh, you all look so utterly fabulous’ talking! Then, when we actually were inside, we were wowed by the decor – Vegas casino theme = martini glasses on tables, silvery balloon arch, gorgeous star themed light and a scattering of cards, poker chips and dice. Just try to picture it and I promise you, the hall we were in would look at least 10 times nicer (depending on the strength of your imagination of course :p)

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