Daily Archives: December 10, 2011

I Wanna Be A Billionaire So….. Bad

Yes I know the song was never about a millionaire but this recipe that I made was for a ‘Millionaire’s’ Chocolate Tart – it is all a lie, it should have been for a billionaire.

Also part of my Christmas extravaganza of a party (joking, it was a small affair!), was this tart – how can I explain it? The only way I can actually put it is that it is a mix between a chocolate caramel slice (the link is to the recipe I hope to make in the near future) and a delicious Twix style candy bar… sounds very decadent, rich and perfect for a movie, especially when paired with my popcorn ice cream!

53I admit, I was a little weary of this recipe initially – not off a blog with a story behind it, using 5 eggs (though I could have fared very well on using only 1/2 the recipe for the filling) and a mixture of melted white and dark chocolate… it sounded a little weird but the recipe in itself looked a little too enticing to miss so there – I tried it and boy did I win 🙂 (as did my guests)

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