Finale: Chocolate Chip Based Baking Week

So this is it my friends.
My Chocolate Chip Baking Week is officially FINISHED!

What have I learnt from baking cookie after cookie after ice cream after cookie?

  1. You can never have enough cookies
  2. Every contestant is a winner in its own way
  3. It really depends on your taste that makes for the ultimate, divine, revered ‘perfect chocolate chip cookie’


Throughout this week, on basically a daily basis, I experienced crunchy, chewy, crispy, soft, ultra soft, slightly doughy, thick, cakey chocolate chip cookies. Each one, although different in so many areas, always left a sweet lingering comfort in my mouth and an addictive aftertaste which made me cookie, after cookie, after cookie.

When it came to the cookie-related-but-not-actual-cookie recipes, I must note that I have been eating my ice cream daily and drank two big glasses of milkshake. There was something so delightful about it and so ultra refreshing that my hyped up, sugary body just could not say no – oops 😛


I think this week also shows you how obsessed I am with chocolate chips, thus named myself so on this blog. I have been eating, seeing and smelling all chocolate chip related recipes this week, obviously mostly cookies, and still I am not sick of the methods, ingredients or taste. I am not normal when it comes to this.

What you must understand is that to me, chocolate chips are beautiful. Small enough to pop into your mouth on the go. Addictive to the boot and in such small sizes that you do not feel guilt (and I tell myself even after eating 1/4 of a packet?). Varieties and able to mix milk, dark and even white (though I didn’t in this scenario).



  • FavouriteExclusively Food Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Did I mention I have heavily adapted this to make it my own? No? And did I mention what I did makes it my favourite? No? Well I will… maybe at the end of this post or later on, keeping you in suspense 😛 – I promise when I make it (not for a looong while I promise, I will post pics)
  • Crispy And Crunchy – The vanilla chocolate chip cookie dough from my cookiolis – slightly longer cooked, these are lean and crispy with a hint of crunchy chewiness
  • Most Fun – Just like the two above, this category’s numero uno stays the same – a quick and easy chocolate chip cookie made in a skillet pan which tastes like a chocolate chip cookie turned brownie/blondie combo 🙂
  • Soft And ChewyNestle chocolate chip cookies stole this from my white chocolate macadamia cookies. It was fate that these delicious brown butter chocolate chip cookies stole the show however and were awarded first prize in this section
  • Thick And Cakey – There was never going to be an argument – it was always going to be my thick and cakey chocolate chip cookies – more like eating bite sized portions of a delicious cookie cake!
  • Most Creative Use Of Chocolate Chip Cookie/Cookie Dough – Without a doubt, these would have to be the double chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream I churned out without a moment’s hesitation – I have used it in for both eating and creating and baking purposes so I am much pleased with this delicious chilled creamy dessert!

And there you have it! Forever more you, my beautiful, chocolate chip exhausted readers, will have a stash of recipes available to you at all times depending on your chocolate chip mood 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here are my honourable mentions – cookies and chocolate chip cookie based recipes which are worthy of being noted:

All the recipes I made for my baking week and have made before (see full list here) have merit. Whether it be their sweetness or their texture, I truly believe all of my chocolate chip recipes have a special something boosting them up in my books 🙂 (I am obviously not biased at all!)


I would like the thank everyone who has made this week a success – namely you all, my beautiful readers! Through both emails and comments, you helped me in deciding the best and your input is something I truly value. Thank you for putting up with my incessant chocolate chip talk and now, when I finally give up on my incessant talking about it, I say I shall see you tomorrow!!! (what, thought it was the end? Oh no my friends, I have one last post before I whisk off on holidays during the Christmas season which will blow your socks off… get ready for a brilliant day tomorrow if you have the proper ingredients…which are kind of staple so no excuses :))

Cheers my chocolate chip buddies!

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P.S. Did I forget to tell you why my favourite is my favourite? Aw, mes pauvres!! Let me take you out of your pain: Here are my adaptations which make this cookie so unique and my favourite!

  • I always add a touch of cinnamon as it boosts the flavour of chocolate
  • I add 1/2 the nuts and increase the chocolate chips
  • I use a mix of browned butter and creamed butter – WHAT? – Yes… I half the quantity of butter and cream half with the sugar as usual and brown the other half, stirring it into my dough after the eggs and vanilla have been mixed in thoroughly – best of both worlds no?
    ***NOTE: I DO NOT KNOW ANYONE ELSE WHO DOES THIS – IT IS COPYRIGHTED © – if anyone uses this idea, it must be linked back to me – Thank you 🙂

Have fun my friends!!!


  1. Thanks for all you effort in experimenting with cookies to bring us these wonderful links and recipes. Great tips you have included here also. Ha-that pink dude sure looks happy having ate those delicious cookies and that is what is most important. Well done my friend!


    • It was my delicious pleasure – I firmly believe the world should know what a chocolate chip variety filled world they live in!!!
      You mean Mr Greedy? He is my hero – I look up to him as my eating idol 🙂
      Till next time!

      Choc Chip Uru


  2. Oh goodness, do we have to choose a favorite cookie that you baked? That would be tough as they all look super yummy but there is something about that thick and cakey chocolate chip that makes me want a bite. Let me know if you need any QA test analysts for your cookies I will send my teenagers right over… LOL. Have a great holiday.


    • I invite your entire household over for a cookie taste session anytime 🙂
      Or if not cookies, I am always in the kitchen making something or another 😛
      I am glad the thick and cakey caught your eye – it was a favourite with my parents too!
      Have a very merry holiday my friend!!

      Choc Chip Uru


  3. Christine says:

    I’m definitely intrigued by that cookie-in-a-skillet concept! It looks like you put in a lot of hard (and delicious) work on finding great cookie recipes for the discriminating palate — thanks! 😀


    • Thank you – I hope this becomes a chocolate chip cookie source for you 🙂
      And I promise you, there was really no hardship in eating, sorry, making different delicious cookie doughs and then making my house smell like a chocolate chip factory!!!

      Choc Chip Uru


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