Daily Archives: February 3, 2012

Breaking News: My First Guest Post Premier + 2 More Blog Awards

I have fantastic news my friends regarding absolutely wonderful things!

First up, I am very happy to have received another Liebster Blog Award but this time from the wonderful Soni of Soni’s Food For Thought. It is such a pleasure to get this award again 🙂

blog award

To see my first award and the rules of this competition, just click here 🙂

And as for the winners for the second time around, I have chosen:

  1. The Smart Cookie Cook – You know that she knows her cookies! Such creative and delicious creations, you actually feel like drooling all over your keyboard 🙂
  2. Around The Table – She has such versatility in her cooking – sweet to savoury, over the top goodness to perfect family meals – everything!
  3. Janet From Cupcakes And Caviar – This lady has classy cooking. Baking. And you can tell by her name she likes classy foods. Awesome 😉
  4. Jane And Lorraine – This blog has the most delicious pictures ever – all cross sections of muffins and wonderful cookie combinations – a must see for sure 😀
  5. Plaid And Paisley Kitchen – Such creativity is bubbling around in this kitchen – it is absolutely a wonderful blog that is a must see!

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