Daily Archives: February 24, 2012

Twix-ting The Foodie World

I am not going to play footsies with you today. Today is the beginning of a wonderful, assessment free weekend and I intend to enjoy every foodie minute of it with you all my friends 🙂 (but I would like to apologist in advance for my horrid lighting, I was making these during the night 😀 – I still think you will like them though)

After one insanely long post, and one comparatively short post, this post will hopefully be just right and focused completely on the goodness that is dessert (especially since my last post was savoury – quel horreur! Nah, not really :P)

As the terribly punny title will tell you, this recipe involves Twix. Milk chocolate covering caramel on shortbread Twix. The international slip-in-your-pocket equivalent to a caramel chocolate slice or Millionaires shortbread. I can see your ears pricking up so much you may as well be a pixie or an elf 😀

The Twix is a much loved candy bar. So much flavour. So much good flavour. Now, what if I told you I made up a recipe. Very loosely adapted (and that was only the base) from someone else but essentially my own idea which I would like to think as revolutionary without tooting my own horn.

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