Breaking News: My First Guest Post Premier + 2 More Blog Awards

I have fantastic news my friends regarding absolutely wonderful things!

First up, I am very happy to have received another Liebster Blog Award but this time from the wonderful Soni of Soni’s Food For Thought. It is such a pleasure to get this award again 🙂

blog award

To see my first award and the rules of this competition, just click here 🙂

And as for the winners for the second time around, I have chosen:

  1. The Smart Cookie Cook – You know that she knows her cookies! Such creative and delicious creations, you actually feel like drooling all over your keyboard 🙂
  2. Around The Table – She has such versatility in her cooking – sweet to savoury, over the top goodness to perfect family meals – everything!
  3. Janet From Cupcakes And Caviar – This lady has classy cooking. Baking. And you can tell by her name she likes classy foods. Awesome 😉
  4. Jane And Lorraine – This blog has the most delicious pictures ever – all cross sections of muffins and wonderful cookie combinations – a must see for sure 😀
  5. Plaid And Paisley Kitchen – Such creativity is bubbling around in this kitchen – it is absolutely a wonderful blog that is a must see!

Secondly, I am also honoured to receive another blogging award For Fabulous Blog from the fantastic Balvinder of Simple Gluten Free Kitchen. She has been such a big support when I initially started blogging and one of the first blogging friends I actually emailed 😛 – A lovely lady with scrumptious recipes!

blog award 2

And finally, the premier for the guest post I teased you about a week ago has finally arrive! Produced by the Jenny of Savour The Senses, do not miss a beat! To see all the biggest foodie greats dressed at their best and flavoured to the tip, come one and come all to the wonderful premier right here!

And post-premier, have an after-party at the wonderful Jenny’s through wading through her extensive recipes 😉


And we are rolling in…


    • Thank you very much for the good wishes my friend – and I promise you, the main dessert coming this week shall blow you away when it comes to chocolates (and cheesecake…) 😉

      Choc Chip Uru


  1. @akiasi says:

    Hello! Thanks for the congrats for the Liebster award. I popped in to check out your blog and I see that you have a Liebster award as well! Wonderful! Congrats to you as well. Cheers and have a great weekend!


  2. I just came back after seeing your guest post. Your words reminded me, when I was 16. I baked my first cake at that age in India.Can you believe that? Girls of my age does not even know what baking was/ and that too in India. I tell my daughter who is 16 that if I had come to Canada at that age I had been a pastry chef.
    My Guru three cheers for you on your first guest post! and congrats for the award!!!
    I really loved your cake with that drizzled chocolate syrup. I am so happy today, I celebrated ……. ( not anniversary or birthday) yesterday with chocolate. which I will post because I made it gluten free.


    • Wow, my mum is always telling me about the lack of ovens in India – I can only imagine how determined you were and almost wish you had been in Canada so the entire world would see your internationally acclaimed desserts 🙂
      Thank you so much for such sweet words!
      I love how you celebrated being happy – am totally looking forward to see that chocolate post pop into my inbox 😉

      Choc Chip Uru


    • Thanks 😀
      And trust me, there were reasons behind why passing it to you – have you recently seen/ate those classy brown butter toffee cookies of yours that I am drooling after? 😉

      Choc Chip Uru


  3. Congrats on receiving the award twice, that’s quite impressive! And thank you so much for passing an award on to me 🙂 You’re so nice. I always love to receive comments from you. I’m glad you joined to food blogging community!


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