My Guest Post: Strawberry Nutella Macarons

Surprise I am back!!! For one guestpost I have had scheduled since August-September but still HIIIIII, I missed you lovelies 🙂

I can’t wait to be back to posting for real soon and hope you all are having a wonderful December getting ready for Christmas – GAAAAH SO EXCITED 😀
Go cooking, shopping, familying, giftng crazy (in no particular order ;))

Until then, enjoy this post and all the guestposts to come 🙂


Ok, so you know how some things absolutely blow your mind to pieces? Some things that make you wonder why you never believed in fairytales, or magic or rainbows that truly lead you to a pot of gold?

Well, this is that mind-blowing style of recipe with an even bigger bomb of a result!

It is oh so crackly.

macarons 189
But so soft inside.

The strawberry melds with the ganache.

Creating heaven.

What can I say, this delicious dessert drives me a bit crazy. And that is why it was the perfect indulgence to share over at Minnie’s blog.

macarons 5
Have you met Aunty Minnie? Surely you jest if you haven’t! She is one incredibly talented chef with recipes that range from sweet to savoury and heavenly to more heavenly (no matter which order you take it in ;))

She blogs at the awesome site, The Lady 8 Home, where I am very happy to say, is where I shall be guest posting today and just in time to celebrate her anniversary AND birthday :D! Thank you so much Aunty Minnie 😀

Hope everyone enjoys this recipe which screams over-indulgence, RIGHT HERE 😀

P.S. You will not be able to stop at eating one, guaranteed!

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  1. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    I was at Minnie’s blog earlier and saw your wonderful guest post! One day I need to try making macarons at home, and hope that mine would look gorgeous like yours. 😉


  2. LinsFood says:

    You know, macarons and I have a love hate thing going on! They look pretty and are, in my opinion, easy to make but I just am not a fan! So, I always make them for guests who go oooh! Strawberry and Nutella, mm, not a combo I’d have thought of! Great job!


  3. Those shells look flawless- Quite a feat of baking indeed! Strawberries and chocolate are of course a match made in heaven, but strawberries and Nutella? Hadn’t thought of it before, though I can’t imagine you could go too far wrong. 😉


  4. Meenakshi says:

    I love how you described the macaroons, Uru! I have myself a Nutella craving now. Well, for someone who balances school, blogging and baking, you post more regularly than most. Looking forward to more!!


  5. Yay, Christmas! And yay for all the Nutella in the guest posts lately 🙂 Nutella = Awesome. But we can’t wait to have you back!

    Anyway, I’m doing an Australia-only giveaway (I know, why?) but don’t know very many Australians…if you’d be willing to spread the word, I’d really appreciate it! It ends 12/20 and is for gluten-free cookie bombs from a specialty bakery over there!


  6. navane64 says:

    Mind blowing I must say Ms. Its very nice to look at and you bet tasted heavenly.
    Thanks for your comforting words. I am trying to move on though the flashbacks keep coming back in my mind.


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