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Mamma Mia!

“Mamma Mia… here I go again! My, my, how can I resist you?
Mamma Mia, does it show again? My, my just how much I missed you!
Yeeeees I’ve been broken heart-“
– Oops… I seem to have gone a little of track there! Sorry, was not talking about the hit ABBA song when I said Mamma Mia!


Rather, I was twirling a fake Italian moustache while patting my large stomach hiding under a big, red and white checked cloth. You get my image no? No? Oh that’s good because I really don’t look like that 😉

(Also sorry you had to hear that high pitched, awful ‘Yeees’  😛 – not everyone can pull it off you know!)


But back to it, why was I unsuccessfully trying to twirl dough and flip it to high heaven when I can’t even do it with a basketball? Because when you are making pizza that is just what you do!

Every amateur, professional or first timer like myself knows that 😀

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Happy Australia Day 2013!

GUYS! HAPPY *belated by one day* AUSTRALIA DAY 😀

My dad actually sent me the perfect email to put into this post. It’s a “You know you are a ‘straya’ if/when you… quiz” – Let’s see how much aussie blood you all really have running in you!


  1. You think “Woolloomooloo” is a perfectly reasonable name for a place.
    Actually yes, I do. Especially considering I recently discovered there is a town called Ozenkadnook in Victoria which means ‘very fat kangaroo’ in Aboriginal…
  2. You’re secretly proud of our killer wildlife.
    How can you not go all gooey at kangaroos and koalas and maybe not so much emus which are actually killer with their stares 😉

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Eat Breakfast!

Overlooked. Underestimated. Blindsided. Breakfast deserves better don’t you think?

I mean, I am a huge supporter of pancakes for dinner, wrapped in a cosy thick robe in front of the TV with everyone out of the house. BUT, how can that possibly compare to eating pancakes while the morning sun is streaming down your back and naturally keeping the pancakes warm while the birds are talking to you Cinderella style? (also known as chirping)


I am just saying, being in school, I see a lot of people skipping breakfast regularly, though especially on test days because they were studying or because they slept at 3, woke up at 8 and were going to be late.

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Shhh… can I tell you a secret?

Shut the doors, don’t you dare touch that phone because what I am about to publicly reveal on the internet for the world to see must remain absolutely private ok?


I am totally putting my trust in you all here ok, my reputation could potentially shatter into a million pieces with any wrong, sudden moves…

But I do have reasons behind my actions, please tell me you will not judge, I personally would consider it a touch unfair. But then again, I can only convince you with my words as opposed to pleading.

*takes a big deep breath in*

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First Summer Ice Cream

Ok so guess what guys, it’s guest-post request time!!! So next term are my half yearlies and being in year 12, they will be more than incredibly hard so I have to organise my guest posts now so they can keep my blog semi-going during said awful period 😉

Here are the details:

  • Due Date: I must have it by 26th January – I start school soon after – blech!
  • Subject of Guest Post: Anything as long as there is a recipe involved (savoury, sweet, beverage – your choice)
  • Requirements of Guest Post: Not absurdly short and at least 5 photos of your finished dish/method and 1 photo of yourself (if you are comfortable with it of course!)
  • How many do I need: 6 people – I already have Carla @ Eat Sweet and Bek @ Crave so 6 more would be fantastic
  • What to do: Basically, the first 6 people to email me at will be granted the spot – excess emailers will be put down and contacted for next time I have exams (which I promise you, will continue to come, trust me!)

So if you can, please contact me asap and once I have all future guest posters, I promise to send out a confirmation email 😀 Thank you!


Now that business out of the way, please enjoy the recipe to come!


Maybe because of my recent trip to India, but I recently realised that I may not have made any ice cream. And we are halfway into the beautiful season of summer with high temperatures, pools and shorts.

You may call me crazy, actually throw rotten tomatoes at me and look at me with disgust. Because summer and ice cream are as inseparable as Jekyll & Hyde. Though ice cream is Hyde because it is the evil – the beautiful, addictive, rich, creamy evil for the hips, thighs and stomach. Oh well, good with the bad ay?


May I just say though, that the recipe I am about to give to you more than makes up for the time lost? I hope I am not being presumptuous… Haha, who am I kidding, I know I am not being presumptuous 😀

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Manic Mania!

Do you all have those days where you become absolutely ob-sess-ed with something. You see it everywhere you go, you think about it and then dream about it as well?

Well, last post, I told you I was reading Anna Karenina.
It’s a novel about a love story. Sounds pretty average right? NO! It is so much more than a love story…


Cheesecake Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Cheesecake Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Written by Leo Tolstoy, who is one of the most brilliant writers in history, it is the tragedy of one married woman who discovers the emptiness of her life after finding immediate lust and love. Leading to an adulterous affair, she continues to try and still be part of her autocratic and judgmental Russian society, while battling her internal demons, a poisonous mixture of jealousy and depression egged on by morphine.


Interweave this story with another tale of a philosophically minded man whose discovery of love leads to confusion and questioning, you get a novel which so intricately explores the human condition. Personally, I also found Tolstoy’s descriptions to be a criticism on society’s animalistic tendency for ‘acting as a pack’. Anna is condemned for her actions by all of her class, which truly speaks out about how narrow-minded and opinionated a group can be.

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Made It To 2013!

HIIIIIIII!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 I’m Backkkkkkkk….. well actually, I would like to make a slight confession… which you already know from my last guest post… I have been back for almost 5 ½ days now…. And yes it is only now I am addressing you, my friends, again.

You would honestly think after an over-2 week break, I would be making a run for the kitchen, falling over my feet to get to a handheld mixer. However… on arrival home from the airport, I was more like sloth-crawling, still falling (yes you can crawl and still fall) over my feet to get to the nearest sign of a warm, comfy, no-seat-involved bed.  The reason I say no-seat is because our night flight in economy class resulted in a sore backside and quite a stiff neck 😛


So I therefore resolved to sleep sleep and sleep a little more and start cooking the next day. I had a vision in my head of how awesome it would totally be. Nope, wrong, guess what lil ol’ jetlagged me ended up doing the next day… sleeping? Nope. Jokes, that is all I did 😉

So I resolved yet again to work on my post and cook something the next day but guess what happened at night. I woke up at 2:30am (YAY) because my screwed up body clock told me in a sneering, I-have-total-control-and-I-flaunt-it voice that it was not sleep-time in India. Hahaha-friggin ha 😉


But I do believe now, finally, while I am typing up this post, I may have gotten over the worst of it 🙂 – I feel fresh, alive… wait… naaaah, I feel pretty normal. As much as 43 degree heat will let you 😛

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Guest Post: Strawberry Lychee Sorbet

Merry Christmas my friends, can you all believe the holiday season everyone dreams about is finally here for us 😀 😀 😀 😀

I hope you are all celebrating with family friends this joyous occasion of 2012, with lots of wonderful festivities, food and laughter 🙂

I wish I could be here with you all, and I promise to celebrate with you all belatedly but right now, I am with my family in India as I should be during this fabulous time 🙂

But no fear, no fear, I have some incredible guestposts lined up for you all and I hope each and every one brings a smile to your faces like they did mine – what else is Christmas and New Years about if not grinning? 😀

Happy Holidays!!!

P.S. I will not be commenting on ANY blogs for approximately 2 weeks so please do not think I have forgotten about anyone, I will be back on task straight after holidays 🙂
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And that’s it… my India adventure is over now, and the new year has begun, ready for me to hit my new adventure… also called my bed *YAWNS* 😉 – but I intend to share absolutely everything with you in a couple of days time so stay tuned and cool if you can…

So while I am cooling my heels from jetlag (and I am seriously exhausted and now heated), Miss Jenny from the fantastic blog, Ichigo Shortcake has been kind enough to guest post for today 😀
Have you ever visited her blog? She is one of the most talented bloggers I know, with such a flair and passion for food and photography. Seriously, I consider it an honour that she is here today 🙂

Without further ado, please welcome one of my inspirational blogger buddies 😀


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