Driving Baby!

Ok, so sweeties, I suppose I should have told you before but it has been two weeks since I can OFFICIALLY DRIVE MYSELF!


Yeah… that’s right… me on the open road, my hair flipping in the wind and my drive-through takeaway in the seat beside me. Oh yeah…

“Oh mum… you want me to grab some bread? Surrrreeee…”

“Daddeeee… after school can I go out with my friends. I will be home whenever…”

That's it?

That’s it?

“Hey guys, let’s catch up at towers (local shopping centre)… I’m just on the way…”

Ok so maybe… none of those scenarios have happened but they have to happen some time or another right? 😉 – Actually, I have not had many interesting driving experiences yet but time is not of the essence 😀


Here in Australia, we have a crazy (grudgingly safe) rule that after passing a computer test, you got to drive 120 hours with a fully licensed driver (heart ache of every parent or in my case, granddaddy!), that is actually 5 days of complete and utter driving nonstop. Though I did mine in around 1 year. No getting them Ps without your gorgeous 17th birthday though!

Hehehehehe.. Surprise!

Hehehehehe.. Surprise!

And then the big guns. Some hot shot driver takes you for a test drive. EEEEK! Now I have watched enough American TV to know that happens there too!

*Insert Robotic Voice*

–  Turn right at the next round about

– Do a 3-Point turn

I would SO do a 3 Point Turn to come back for this...

I would SO do a 3 Point Turn to come back for this…

– Turn left at the intersection

Lucky my Robot was pretty nice et VOILA 😀

Now I love you all that are here in Aus and I love any of you who come to visit, so a piece of darling advice… watch out on the roads 😉

Now two weeks have gone by… don’t you think it’s time I celebrated? Why don’t you celebrate with me? You know you want to 😉

Politely digging in...

Politely digging in…

Do you remember your driving tests? Do you love driving too? How does driving work in your country? Enlighten us all with your driving tales while diving into this little dessert heaven…

*My Changes are in bold


The strawberry is gone, c'est fini!

The strawberry is gone, c’est fini!

Chocolate Fondant Puddings

I like… Midnight Chocolate Surprise Pudding 😀
Source: Mastering the Art of Baking

Serves: 10 (or only you, really your choice!)


  • Melted butter (or margaine) to grease
  • Cocoa powder, to dust (Icing sugar)
  • 250g dark chocolate (70% cocoa content), chopped – You cannot go wrong with Lindt baking chocolate

  • 170g unsalted butter, chopped
  • 4 eggs room temperature
  • 6 egg yolks, room temperature
  • 170g caster sugar (from 150g which was a little too little for me!)
  • 2 tbs thickened/double cream (For Adults: Liqueur of any flavour – the book suggests Grand Marnier)
  • 1 cup plain flour (150g)
  • Ice cream/cream/both to serve – because without it… what do you have left?


  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees C
  2. Grease so so so well 10 ramekins or mini dariole moulds (it will look nicer in a dariole moulds) and dust the inside with cocoa powder, turning it and then discarding the excess inside
  3. Put chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (base cannot touch the water) and stir until smooth (I made this for two, so I simply 20 second blast-and-stirred it in the microwave) then set aside
  4.  Using an electric whisk to beat the eggs, egg yolks and sugar together until super ultra pale and thick
  5. Add the chocolate mixture and use a balloon whisk to stir until combined
  6. Add in cream (or adults only) and stir through
  7. Sift in the flour and carefully fold into mixture
  8. Baked and a little revealing of that surprise ;)

    Baked and a little revealing of that surprise 😉

    Spoon mixtures into their moulds carefully (thick batter is such an understatement), place on baking trays and bake 10-12 minutes or until the top slightly gives in the centre

  9. Remove and immediately turn the ramekin over (remember those gloves!) onto a plate with ice cream on it (I ran a knife around the edges to make sure it dumped straight out :D)
  10. Grab a spoon and don’t look back…

I know I didn’t (though my tongue and stomach yearn!)

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  1. Tisa says:

    Thaaank you for this gooey pudding recipe. On the driving- congratulations, though I think it’s the mama dinosaur in me saying you are way too young to drive by yourself ;-))(don’t hate me friend ?!)


  2. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    Congratulations Uru! My first driver’s license is from the US. I failed on driving test once (I went on an opposite road just like how we drive in Japan – but I never drove in Japan haha!). But luckily I passed on my 2nd time. I couldn’t go on fast freeway for half year too. Enjoy driving!!


  3. Big congrats Uru! Can you hear my applause all the way from here. That’s truly awesome and you must be thrilled not only with your license but this incredible cake and it’s molten layers, dark chocolate and ooezy glaze. Bliss!


  4. Ridwan says:

    Congrats on your getting driver licence 🙂 you must be excited about it for sure,the chocolate and strawberry they always great together,mouth watering dessert 🙂


  5. jlaceda says:

    The driving protocols are pretty much the same here in Canada with you guys there in Australia. I guess it’s because we’re from the same Commonwealth? LOL. Congrats on your driving licence! Be safe always! Don’t drink and drive – don’t eat and drive. it gets dangerous, too – especially when they are these oozy molten-centred pudding! YUM with a capital Y!


  6. CONGRATULATIONS CCU! 🙂 How terribly exciting! Be safe, don’t let your friends distract you and never ever text or phone and drive. Sorry sweetie that is the mother hen in me coming out. My son has been driving two years and I still worry all the time when he is driving the crazy LA highways.

    That chocolate melted dream thingy looks like the very best dessert ever and the one I would request if I could request a birthday cake from one of my very favorite bloggers, CCU.


  7. Congrats, Uru! How exciting (and scary for the other drivers out there, lol 😉 I was terrified when I was learning to drive. Your driving scenarios cracked me up – I’m sure you’ll be making those comments and hitting the open road soon enough. As for these lava cakes – OH EM GEE they look amazing! So dark, decadent and ooey gooey, exactly how they should be.


  8. Gina says:

    Congrats on getting your license. I have a feeling your parents won’t see you as much anymore, lol. I know when my daughter got hers she made lots of extra trips to the store.


  9. Heather says:

    Oh gosh it feels like forever since I took my test- I was 16! I believe here in NH you start of with your learners permit when you are 15 1/2 where you can drive with your parents or another licensed driver over 21. then you take Drivers Ed which is a 6 week Class, a Written Test, A Driving Test and then you get your License! I think you might have to log in more hours after for like 90 days if you are under 18 – we also have a points system, if you are in a accident or get a ticket/warning you get points on your license if you are under 21 -too many points and you get your license suspended for 30, 60 or 90 days! Good luck with your new freedom!


  10. Amy Tong says:

    Congratulations! That is such a happy news. 🙂 It’s a good thing that the rules are tight for getting a license. It’s WAY too easy in the States (at least in CA), and some people on the road are just too dangerous. Your cakes look amazing….I love the warm gooey melt-y interior! So decadent!


  11. Eva Taylor says:

    I can barely remember my driving test, it’s been that long ago! But I did pass the first time. Now our driving criteria has become stricter since I got my license. I loved having my driver’s license, my only issue was my dad’s hideous blue dodge station wagon…you just cannot look cool in such a lame automobile. Sigh.
    This celebration cake is perfect. Hope you stay safe.


  12. Congrats Uru!
    Your chocolate dessert looks insanely delicious! I have always wanted to try this out at home. After seeing the photos I am inspired to for sure. I too always use Lindt chocolate. The better the quality the better your dish will taste. I have not yet seen a cooking chocolate Lindt bar so I just use the regular one.
    Beautiful dessert!


  13. Kim Bultman says:

    Woohoo, Uru! Congrats on this major accomplishment! Back in the day (waaaaay back) we had to take “Driver’s Ed” when we turned 15 — basically, three student drivers piled into a car with an instructor (one wanna-be driver behind the wheel and two in the back seat patiently awaiting their turn — and/or snickering and giggling — it was awful.) The instructor sat in the front seat with his foot near a “dual brake” in case we went too fast. 🙂 Then we had to wait until we were 16 to take the official license test, which thankfully, I passed the first time. I’m so glad that’s over. And I’m soooo glad you made cake to celebrate!


  14. Simply Tia says:

    Congrats! Congrats and congrats! It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to drive yourself. Awwww, the independence!

    And as for this chocolatey, decadent treat – I’m in a puddle of drool thanks to you. It looks soooo good!


  15. Ali says:

    Well done on getting your licence! There’ll be no stopping you now!! I remember getting my licence quite clearly…what a nerve-racking experience!! That cake just looks awesome, so delicious! I want, no I need, some chocolate now!


  16. Katerina says:

    In Greece we get our driver’s license at the age of 18. We take some lessons from a teacher and then we have written and oral exams. I took mine at the age of 19 and failed the first time so I had to pass the oral exam twice. It was such fun starting to drive on my own! Your puddings are finger licking!


  17. Saguna says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, CCU! 🙂 Such an achievement- and driving on your own is totally cool, as portrayed in said American television shows and movies, haha. This molten chocolate cake looks perfect- I want to make some for dessert even though I don’t have such a momentous occasion to celebrate! 🙂


  18. Oh I would so give up my license for that chocolate lovely! Congratulations & please be careful out there – see I do it for my own daughter, my husband, & now I’ll say it to you too.
    In Massachusetts they’ve started with stricter requirements. It’s now called a junior operator’s license that you can apply for at 16 1/2 until 18 yrs. old. You have to attend driver’s education classroom, then road driving with an instructor & a number of hours w/a parent. But now parents have to attend a class too.
    Once you pass your driving test you can’t drive between 12:30 – 5:00 am and you can’t have anyone in the car who is under 21 (unless there’s someone 21 or older in the car with you). But the biggest thing now is, that if there is any violation of those rules or tickets then you lose your license & get fined.


  19. applec says:

    Ooohhh …. Lava cake! or surprise cake, either way it’s the BEST and you make it look so good.
    Warning! Don’t try to eat that one while you’re driving yourself around 😉


  20. DJ says:

    Congrats!!! This made me realize that I have been driving for about 10 years now. Time to go cry :p These little chocolate pudding surprises look AMAZING!!


  21. The rules are tough for earning a license in your part of the world, but I guess that’s a very good thing for keeping everyone safe! So congrats! And you definitely know how to celebrate – this chocolate dessert looks incredible! 🙂


  22. Congratulations! I do remember my driving test (even though it was many, many years ago!) and how I was so nervous I failed.
    All’s well that ends well – my parents took me back the next day and I passed! Stay safe and enjoy your new freedom! Allen.


  23. navane64 says:

    I took up driving at a much older age therefore I was not so confident when I started driving. Also the drivers here are simply crazy and many do not obey the law. However with the years of driving, I am ok now.

    I would love to try out this recipe and that inside part is simply great. Need to make for my friends to try out.


  24. Congratulations! I remember when I got my driver’s license (spelled that way in the US) at 15 in the middle of the freezing winter. My test was done on solid ice. It was one of the best days of my young life. 🙂

    I’d drive all the way down there for one of these chocolate fondants!


  25. What a sweet post! I was jumping with excitement for you CCU — that is such an exciting milestone to have your driver’s licence. Although I imagine this has evolked some sentimental feelings for your parents . . . to see you all grown up and independent. Looks like you celebrated the best way possible — with something sweet. It looks a bit like a molten lava cake?


  26. Zoe says:

    Congratulation! You got your P!!! I’m on my way to ditch my P soon… in a few months time. I hate driving and only started driving 2 3/4 years ago…

    3 point turn for your molten chocolate cake… Yes, of course!


  27. Congratulations! I got my license fairly late in life (a little less than a year and a half ago now) so good on you for getting that independence early. It’s a beautiful thing, and can only lead to more delicious adventures. Enjoy the sweet taste of freedom! 😉


  28. hotlyspiced says:

    Congrats on getting your P’s. Arabella has done her hours but hasn’t sat for the test yet. I love the look of your midnight dessert. I have a recipe for a black midnight cake I have put on my blog – great name for a dark chocolate dessert xx


  29. Balvinder says:

    Congratulations on getting your ‘P’ License. My daughter was very happy when she got her N (new driver’s) First time she drove to school last month she has to text me that she reached safely. Safe rules apply everywhere. Midnight chocolate surprise pudding was a wonderful way to celebrate your milestone.


  30. Congratulations on this milestone! Having your driver’s license is awesome and one day, when you get your own car, you will absolutely love the independance. I’m so happy that I got my license when I was a teen-ager. Now I’m a grandmother and I still love the fact that I can take myself anywhere where a car can go!
    Your celebratory dessert…awesome!


  31. Congratulations on the driving. I remember how that felt! Freedom and independence! These days in this country with the crazy (loco) driving I usually choose to let my hubby drive. Things change. My favorite cake! Good job, Uru, as always.


  32. I learned to drive too long ago to remember details. I do, however, remember taking my son out to practice. We had a car with stick shift (standard) and he got to this one stop sign and the car stalled every time he tried to go. Eventually there was quite a line of vehicles behind us–waiting patiently (I think). It was then we discovered he was trying to take off in 3rd gear. Congratulations on getting your driver’s license, CCU, and on this super recipe!


  33. Brittany says:

    Congratulations!!! Driving is so liberating, it was extra special for me because I had to wait until I was 18 to get my license. That was two years after all of my friends! Celebrate my friend, and have some chocolate for me!


  34. Viveka says:

    I have a trick of the trade for this .. kind of cakes – I do the chocolate mix and then I freeze it and I put a chocolate piece inside the soufflé mixture when poured into the tins. I’m so good on soufflés … *laughing one of the few baking products I master for some strange reason.
    Congratulations to the “P” license … hope everybody in town are staying on the pavement.


  35. pamasaurus says:

    Congrats on being a driver! I didn’t get my license until I was 23. I know, I know. I just never had a good teacher until then.

    And… this dessert looks AMAZING. I’m going to have to make it ASAP, because YUM!


  36. A_Boleyn says:

    Congratulations on your “P” license. I waited until I was 32 to get my driving license as I failed the high school driving course which would have given me a break on insurance and was supposed to give us the confidence to go out and take our REAL driving test.

    In my defence I didn’t get ANY driving practice at home as my dad drove a van and too impatient so I wouldn’t have been able to practice with him in the car. My mom didn’t drive and my brother … well, let’s not go there.

    Great dessert though and reminds me that I haven’t made anything with chocolate in a long time. I’ll have to wait til after Lent though.


  37. Congrats on the driving license! Always a big deal, and it’s nice you can wheel yourself around to wherever you want to go. Like going out and buying more chocolate for this amazing dish! Look wonderful – thanks.


  38. Food Stories says:

    Oh, those were the days ~ Taking your driving test & driving yourself for the first time ~ It’s so exciting & your chocolate looks perfect for the celebration 🙂


  39. Oh, Uru. You make me feel old. I remember when I got my license. It was the day before junior prom. Imma be an old fuddy-duddy and impart some words of wisdom: just remember that even though we all think we’re invincible at 17, we are not. Stay safe!

    Now show your elders some respect and make me some of that pudding!


  40. Congratulations! I remember the delight of being independent and then, years later, actually getting my first car. I still love the independence of taking myself out – and the fun of taking others out.

    Those Midnight puddings sound just gorgeous! 🙂


  41. First, I have a sweet tooth. The pudding looks divine. Now, more importantly, my son began driving (solo) about two weeks ago. I’ll tell you what I told him: Watch out for the drunks and avoid road rage. Someone will cut you off in traffic. Just get over it and drive safely! Please.


  42. Suzanne says:

    Oh congratulations on passing the drivers test and getting your license. It has been many years for me but I clearly remember the stress mostly because of the state trouper sitting next to you during the road test. Took Drivers Ed in school which was fun, What a great way to celebrate, looks positively delish!! Happy Driving!!!


  43. Congratulations my dear!! Oh, I know exactly how your parents feel. I have gone through those initial beginnings with my own children. It is one of the first steps of freedom. And this perfect chocolate delight is an celebration in itself! Delicious 🙂 I love it; especially the surprise inside.., yum!! Love Lindt too!! Happy safe driving!!


  44. Liz says:

    Congrats on this major milestone! My kids were always appalled that I made them call when they arrived at school those first weeks of driving 🙂 Your oozing chocolate cakes are the perfect way to celebrate 🙂


  45. Congratulations on getting your driver’s license! Ah, sweet freedom huh? I learned to drive beginning when I was about 11 – I drove the truck in our fields as the hands (our farm helpers) picked up rocks or bales of hay, whatever was being loaded into the truck. By the time I was 15, taking driver’s education in school kept insurance costs down (as do good grades) so I took it. Then, at 15 and 1/2 I got my permit. For 6 months a licensed driver had to be in the front seat with me – then, on my 16th birthday I got my real license and a cool red car to which my parents attached a big red and white bow! In rural America, everyone has at least one car/truck/dune buggy/riding lawn mower/golf cart – whatever, ya got to get around out in the sticks! Your recipe looks wonderful and as we prepare for a blizzard tomorrow – I think it will be just the ticket to keep the cold out!


  46. CONGRATULATIONS! I remember in prehistoric time when I got my driver’s license too… so I know how excited you must be. My driver’s ed teacher was an enormous man with an even more enormous car. I don’t know how I even managed to drive that car. Love this brilliant chocolate cake to toast your new adventures in driving. Be safe and obey all the rules. I hope you get to fulfill all the driving fantasies you mentioned about popping to get groceries… or meet you friends out and about soon enough. 🙂


  47. Congratulations on getting your license. However, in a couple of months I will be on my way down under and will keep a watchful eye for you CCU, just kidding I am sure your a great driver. Reading your recipe and looking at the molten lava chocolate cake is torture. It is a thing of beauty. Take Care, BAM


  48. libishski says:

    Congrats on getting your Ps!

    I only got mine a month ago too (and I’m OLD!). Haven’t really driven solo as I’ve been too much of a wuss but my bf made me drive to the petrol station the other night so I could get over my fears. It was in the middle of the night so there weren’t a lot of drivers. Hopefully it won’t be long before I start driving on long country roads!


  49. jama says:

    Congrats on the license. Watch out world :)!

    Now that I’m In my dotage (cough, cough), the novelty of driving myself around has long worn off. These days I dream of having a chauffeur resembling Colin Firth or George Clooney drive me to the grocery store. 😀


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