The Sexy Vegan Kitchen #3: Sweetly Raw Banana Pudding & Book Review

R.I.P Cory Monteith – Though personally, I was never a Glee fan, I appreciated his multiple talents, and know his loss will be greatly felt by many.

                       – Uru



So a couple of weeks ago, Aimee Hughes contacted me. A blogger from The Sexy Vegan Kitchen, she had released a new cookbook and asked me to review it! So I have decided to make 3 or 4 (depending on my time) recipes from her cookbook before giving it an overall review! 🙂

The name of Aimee’s fantastic cookbook is The Sexy Vegan Kitchen: Culinary Adventures In Love & Sex, and just like the title tells us, she does mix together the euphoric nature of sex with the deliciousness of her recipes to create a completely foodgasmic experiences, just begging you to read it and make its recipes!


In a couple of recipes time, I shall tell you a little about what this book offers,  the way it allows you to heal your skills in your love life and health life :)  – But shhhh, … Spoilers… (If you understand this reference to Doctor Who, you and I are already best friends by the way, not optional :D  )

Enjoy the foodgasmic journey Aimee takes us on!

Recipe #1: Wistful Walnut-Pear Salad

Recipe #2: Sweet & Innocent Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie

Today: Sweetly Raw Banana Pudding With Rose Water



I have this thing for banana. Though I have a rule that I will not eat more than one per day, bananas just make me happy.

When they are slightly ripe, not too yellow, no spots preferably but then again, not bordering on green. The perfect banana is only ever found in Winter as well, the banana which brings out my inner monkey. No really, those evolutionary links are pretty strong for me, I wish I still had a tail sometimes 😉


Anyway… if I haven’t scared you enough already and you are still here… I threw away all my love for the perfect banana in this post. Yeah, I do that sometimes. Because you NEED, see I am stressing the NEED part, uber-ribe, uber-spotty, uber-summer bananas for this pudding, otherwise I shall laugh and call you cute in a condescending fashion 🙂

IMG_9619Being currently in Winter, I decided to keep 2 bananas aside at least for a week, snarling like a  rabid dog if someone attempted to eat them… it is the only way in this dog-eat-dog world right? 😛 – But all my foaming was totally worth it.

Because I got to make and eat one very delicious pudding as a result!


I know, I know, now you are looking at me weird and saying very slowly, ‘Um… sweetie.. yes, um, you need milk and sugar and all that jazz to make a pudding… ‘IMG_9658

Haha that’s cute, no you really don’t 😀 – With the right mixture of nuts and the right ripeness of a banana, you can whiz up (with no heating, barely any measuring) a nice big sundae glass full of nutty-banana pudding.


Topping it with rose water simply felt… natural, right, meant-to-be. 🙂 It added a fragrancy and just exotified the entire dessert to a new level, adding a freshness as well!

Enjoy it yourselves – Vous ne regretterez rien, je vous promesse – You will regret nothing, I promise you 🙂


My Notes:

  • I ran out of cashews so had to use raw almonds but I am sure they just added a different nutty flavour, though I have heard cashews have a greater fat content which would add more creaminess to the pudding
  • Used cinnamon to sprinkle on top instead of cardamon (which I couldn’t find in the pantry 😉 – use allspice, nutmeg, anything you would put in a banana bread (Aimee says spices are sexy players!)
  • There are surprise crunchy moments where you may have missed a nut to blend but I like that, it adds texture to the smooth pudding 🙂
  • You know how you can make banana soft serve? Well, freeze this pudding up for those extra summery days and voila, you got that ice cream!
  • This is such a guilt free treat, I would even recommend pouring some maple syrup, honey or agave (for the truly vegan) on top because you still won’t feel even a bit guilty 😉
  • Add in a touch of orange juice or lemon (fresh) to ensure if you are keeping the pudding, it doesn’t turn brownish AND to add an extra flavour kick 😀

Recipe #3 Rating: 3.5/5

Book Review: The Sexy Vegan Kitchen: Culinary Adventures In Love & Sex

Overall, I found this book to be a winner. When it can give me a guilt-free dessert, a smoothie I have been making everyday since trying it first, and a salad which is so refreshing that everyone in my family enjoyed it, how could this book being anything but?

Shall we review their ratings?

Good scores right? A total of 12/15 and that is only with 3 recipes, from 3 categories from The Sexy Vegan Kitchen – I could have spent my whole holidays making treats from this book alone, considering it has so many recipes from over 5 different food categories 😀

I also like how she makes food erotic, I mean, Aimee literally combines sex and food to make for a foodgasmic read 🙂 – Though quite adult oriented, it does give the cookbook a really cool theme to go by – I also liked how she explains all the facts behind each ‘sexy players’ and the trash behind the ‘villains’ – it gives an informative aspect which is so important! Know your ingredients 😀


If this book contained photos, it would have been quite nice, and I will not say that some of the ingredients are hard to come across, especially if you are not following vegan practices on a daily basis, but the majority of dishes are not complex and have healthy, tasty and fast results 🙂

Thanks Aimee for letting me review your cookbook and share these delicious recipes! If you want to buy and get a closer insight into the foodgasmic experience from more of her recipes, be sure to:

  • Visit her blog:
  • Buy her book for only $7.19 at Amazon:

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  2. Karen says:

    You had me chuckling with this post. I can just see you protecting bananas so they can get riper than you like them. I think I would like the raw almonds for this recipe…they are my snack if I get hungry in the afternoon.


  3. Hiya old friend.
    Those recipes just dont sound like you… where is the chocolate? 🙂 I can imagine myself spoiling bananna pudding with nutella and making it even more sexy then it already is. Im glad you re still here when I come back once in a while.
    Sending hugs and loads of sunshine.
    Little Housewife


  4. Susan says:

    I love bananas too and have one almost every day. Your idea of the perfect banana is the same as mine ::) This looks delicious!

    How sad such a talented young man had such a terrible struggle with drugs.


  5. I’m so fascinated here lately by the whole world of creative cooking that is vegan. Thanks for sharing this banana pudding. I wonder if you could make a pudding with almond milk…may have to try it.


  6. applec says:

    Oh so delicious! Bananas are my go to food for a workout so you know I’d love that dish. As for the salad, so sweet, so good for us. 🙂 The book has my vote!


  7. Good luck for your exams! will miss your posts. I wouldn’t of thought that recipe was vegan, so I’m seriously impressed! Looks amazing. And hello, I’m the biggest Doctor Who fan ever. I even have a teaset shaped like various tardises. 😛


  8. Hotly Spiced says:

    That’s so sad about Cory and so unnecessary too. I got your message about taking a break until after your exams and I completely understand. Good luck to you Uri, I am confident you will be absolutely fine. I’m sure you will be very pleased with your results. I’ll look forward to having you back in the fold in due course xx


  9. Zoe says:

    Why am I here??? I love to be in the sexy destination on this book cover… Plus enjoying this banana pudding… Ohhh!

    Stop dreaming… All the best for your studies and exams! Good that you are always having bananas in your pantry because these are great giving you brain powers! Good luck!


  10. Tammy says:

    Aww Uru I’m so going to miss you! :,( Best of luck with your exams though…I look forward to your return my sweet friend.

    Such a tragedy about Cory Monteith. I wasn’t the biggest Glee fan either, but I liked him in Monte Carlo…too bad he never got to really show off how good an actor he was on more occasions.

    The banana pudding looks refreshing and reinvigorating…I love getting the raw natural goodness out of a dish. Since my rose bush has been flourishing this year, and I have extra rose water on hand, I will definitely be trying this out. Great way to start the morning.



    • Thank you my friend, I cannot wait for it to be over!
      True, he could have gone so far!

      I am so glad you enjoyed the pudding and with edible rose petals, perfect 😀

      Choc Chip Uru


  11. I definitely intend to get Aimee’s cookbook. These are all real winners to satisfy my taste palette. I love the pudding! I have a whole new bag of raw cashews, and we have tons of bananas. So guess what I’m making next! And thank you for mentioning Cory Monteith’s death. I must say this kind of broke my heart. A young, very talented man. ox


  12. I can just imagine the look on your face when someone in your family began eyeing those bananas, lol…Of course I’m sure they were thrilled they left them along. Just look at this gorgeous pudding you’ve shared!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Uru. I may just need to buy me some “ripe” bananas!


  13. First, let me say I am in love with your new look! It’s so bright and cheery – I can’t stand it, I want one too! I also love the banana recipe. I’ve never used Rosewater before but I am looking forward to my first time! 🙂


  14. It’s so sad and shocking about Cory Monteith. I loved Glee and he’s a local boy (from BC like me) so I have a soft spot for him. I hear he’s a lovely person – it’s such a sad and needless loss. Onto happier things like your delicious raw banana pudding – yummy and healthy! I love it!


  15. Kim Bultman says:

    Uru, I love your new backsplash — such fun! I also enjoyed your racy review of this intriguing cookbook. (Will read episodes 1 & 2 later.) I thought it was very astute of you to try more than one recipe — so many “reviews” are based on a first kiss. 😉


  16. Great recipe! A tip, BTW: if you need “ripe” bananas in a hurry, trying nuking for just a bit in the microwave. Not quite the real thing, but a pretty good substitute. Anyway, thorough fun – and sexy! – post. Thanks.


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