CCU Undercover: Cake, Bake & Sweets Show Part #2

And here I am again, following my first post  about the Cake Bake & Sweets Show, with more food porn to share with you and lots more stories to tell. I did mention that there was a celebrity incoming no? 😉

Yes, that’s right, I managed to get a reasonably good seat to view a live demonstration by Eric Lanlard, off Baking Mad!!!

Part of the Lifestyle Food’s All-Star Theatre, he was there with the likes of Adriano Zumbo (who he happily ribbed throughout his baking due to his popularity!!), Duff Goldman and more!! Super charming, super French, super accented and an amazing baker, you can see why he was included in this A-list class of professional sweeties (if you know what I mean :D)


This was definitely the most popular area, as stars were continuously doing demonstrations here. There were people sitting, standing, recording, staring and everything else, as they mixed ganache like a pro! A large stage, a very fabulous presenter and a cheeky camera man definitely completed the atmosphere that built up there!


Now, I am obviously not going to recount the whole recipe he did, but I have added a recording, just below this sentence, in case you want to hear his beautiful voice online. Ignore my random laughs, and how soft it sounds, but he is there and he is sharing tips!!!!

He recreated for us his most popular recipe from his sold out recipe book, Chocolat (sooooo french!), and funny story, he actually did not want to even ever make this recipe!

IMG_5192It was the Salted Butter Caramel Cake. And yes, I do know in this picture it looks divine (I would have gone up to take a picture after the demo, but a million other people apparently had the same idea!)

Why would he not want to add it in his book’s collection? Because growing up in France, he has eaten salted butter caramel ALL HIS LIFE. Can I just say, that is extremely indulgent. And that he is a little bit of a hipster because he ate salted caramel before it was cool?

And he had actually a chocolate salami recipe, but Nigella Lawson’s new cookbook, released just before his, also did. Put two and two together, and he had to change it, though it turned out super beneficial for him!

IMG_5211The whole presentation was simply not some chef giving a recipe dully, and showing the steps. He invited volunteers up to the stage to do things such as beat egg whites because he was legitimately too lazy (he began eating Tim Tams and threw them out to the crowd though I didn’t catch one *grumpy face*) 😛

Mum was actually super excited that we were both being the media together, so this was our selfie of us and our lanyards together while waiting for Eric to begin 😀

Thought I would just share how adorable my mother and I are when we chill together 😉



Wow… I just realised how big our faces are in this photo…


And we got even cuter by sharing this mini cupcake and a Costco muffin their stall was giving out. We should stop, actually, just stop… 😛



Also, I should totally mention that before Eric’s show, we stopped by the Zumbo stall. The Adriano Zumbo amazing macaron man stall. And that should actually be considered sacrilegious considering that he has quite the mock battle going with Eric Lanlard.

IMG_5196The camera man even began hitting Zumbo’s cookbook, which was sitting on display behind the kitchen where Eric was demonstrating. Serious stuff 😉

I never got to see Adriano Zumbo, neither perform (I was at a certain interview… which I shall tell you about in the next post :D), nor at his book signing considering it took 2 hours, and neither got an interview because he was too popular. So I got the next best thing –> his coffee and desserts!


Oh and of course, I entered the KitchenAid mixer competition there too.

KitchenAid entry forms were absolutely everywhere. But that is a good thing. Look at those babies 😀


KitchenAid even had its own Delicious Kitchen section, which I really should have endeavoured to pay more attention to (I swear, I should have just gone all three days of the festival, dammit uni!!!)


But back to Zumbo’s stall, it was decorated mighty fine with flashy, colours and a flashy kombi van! And the line from the stall was going down the centre of the dome!

DSC_0078As you can see by this link, Zumbo is no stranger to my blog, my blog is just a stranger to him (though I shall attempt to remedy that one day!!!)



Moving on, we decided to venture back, after being amazed by Eric Lanlard’s skills, to the beautiful cakes that I showed you last time. An extension on them, I promised you that these were even more amazing.


And boy did I deliver.


This one just killed me. Not because it had a heart in a cauldron, but I am a horror freak, so this one truly talked to me!


Now this one, for a little light relief 😉




And now, I am going to hit you with another onslaught of amazing cakes. Because I just cannot keep this commentary up otherwise I will lose my blogging voice.


I am already close to speechless just because of how in awe I am of these cakes.













These is actually too much talent now to handle, so I will stop.


But know this –> I have at least 50 more different cake photos just sitting on my hardrive. And they are equally as good.


*Jaw Drops*

Ok NOW I promise to stop. For now. 😉

For a little light relief, here is what I had for lunch though! 😀

We initially only spotted the cold foods cafe, and I was quite hungry, so settled for a rocket, feta, onion, basil pesto-ed wrap with pumpkin and sweet potato – BAD decision. Being cold had made it soggy and it was just not nice. Sorry for the blandness but it is the best explanation.

At least we had our salted Kettle chips (crunchiest = best!)


Just about when I start getting all ‘blogger critic’ and saying how this festival should have more seating (which it still should have!) and a hot food area, we chanced upon a massive line for a gozleme stand and a massive cafe, filled with burgers, hot chips, rolls, pies and a bakery nearby with bread and more pies.

Oops 😛

But at least I got a nice hot lunch out of it Spinach and feta roll, with a crunchy pastry and of course, where would be without tomato sauce no? 😉
And I would say it was at a reasonable price, while the cold food cafe was exploiting everyone!!!


Another long post, full of detail of this event, and yet, there is double this that I could actually share with you!

One more post of excitement but after that, you all should totally visit this show with me 😀

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Disclaimer: Go Bake Yourself (and guest) attended the Cake, Bake & Sweets Show via invitation of Thrive PR, but she attended only Saturday, and all her thoughts and opinions of stalls, talents, companies etc. are her own. She also paid for her own purchases and was sponsored in no other way.



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  2. Hannah says:

    Man, those cakes are unreal… I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around how much time and training it must take to reach such culinary heights. Incredible, inspiring stuff!


  3. Gina says:

    Those cakes were works of art. I bet it was hard to not be overwhelmed with all those amazing treats and demos. Looks like you and mom had a blast.


  4. mjskit says:

    What fun!!!! Looks like a great event to get an eye full and a stomach full! Looks like you and your mom are having fun. Thanks for sharing that picture. It was actually my favorite. 🙂


  5. Diane says:

    You certainly find some interesting places to go but you must have felt like you were in heaven at this show. Those cakes are mind boggling!
    By the way, you & your mother ARE adorable and it’s looks like you had a great time.


  6. Veronica says:

    What an event – you created a lot of memories, and so lovely that your mom was with you! You are an adorable pair indeed! And wow, that cornucopia cake. My favorite! Course, I am all about cornucopias. haha


  7. Sophie says:

    You saw Eric Lanlard, live,..from up close,…how cool is that!

    I loved reading & seeing your part 2 post & cool pictures too! 🙂 A great event, I see!


  8. Debra says:

    That last cake with the heart in the silver hands. OMG! It’s incredible. As are they all, really. The artistry amazes me. And I totally love the selfie of you and your mom. You’re both just gorgeous!


  9. melissa says:

    OMG, what an amazing time you must have had with your mom! (you are both cute, by the way. 🙂 ) Those cakes must have been even more impressive in person — wow, lots of food porn in this post! 🙂


  10. Alice says:

    Seriously jaw droppingly good! I’m loving that storybook cake too. Love those guys all, so very brilliant and talented. I enjoy hearing about all the delicious food they make!


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