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Does Caitlyn Jenner Deserve An Award?

Well, I think from the title of this post, you can tell that I am still not all that keen on writing about food, even though I have been eating more than my fair share of calories *exam time guilt* – without reason may I add, considering I am barely studying.

But no, the real reason I have decided to post up today, randomly, out of the blue, is because there is a very hot and controversial topic floating around the media these days. I’m probably a little late, it was hotter last week, but I still want to give my two cents worth.

I don’t follow the Kardashians. Or should I say ‘keep up’ with them. Beyond the fashion that they wear (which is, admittedly, quite excellent, especially Kendall), I don’t care about their whozits and whatzits galore. I don’t go around glorifying them like half the population (amazingly), but nor do I go around hating on them and posting comments like ‘ugh, why are they even famous?’, though sometimes, it is a valid question. I believe I am apathetic towards them.

But I also don’t live under a social rock. And like most of the world, I saw the transformation of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner (deliberately not a ‘K’) and the Vanity Fair spread about it. The hype is there, you type Caitlyn into google, and Jenner is the first option. You type ‘Vanity Fair’ and Caitlyn Jenner will inevitably follow.

Can I just say, I think what Caitlyn did was brave. Can you imagine waking up everyday, in a body which makes you feel so uncomfortable? Can you imagine having the longings of a woman’s life, while trapped in a confusing maze of male testosterone (or vice versa)? And in saying that, being unable to even discuss it with your friends because, not to be stereotypical but relying on statistics, men often do not talk about feelings like this without fear of, for example, physical retribution?

And she grew up in a time where these kinds of feelings were unacceptable a lot of the time. That is NOT what was unacceptable. What WAS unacceptable that such people were outcasted for expressing their feelings, or had to repress them for fear of societal rejection because people were too blind to see it was biological. It happens people, sometimes humans are born with the mind of a female trapped in a male, or the other way around. Accept it and move on.

And don’t even begin to bring religion into this as an argument against it. Although if I keep going on this track, it will bring up a whole other can of worms, and I don’t want to upset anyone.

So overall, it must have indeed been very difficult for Caitlyn. And I am very glad that Vanity Fair did such a spread because it raises awareness and acceptance of these people for a larger audience, so no, I’m not against people giving it attention at all. Vanity Fair has such an extensive following all over the world, and for them to promote this was a fantastic way of bringing to light the need to accept people for who they are (although you would think we were modern enough to do that anyway… but obviously not.)

And I do admit. Having such a high profile family, as Caitlyn Jenner has, surrounded by fame-seeking people, it must have been a little bit more difficult to brave the world viewing and judging your transformation. I remember, I was flicking through some random websites one day, and I saw a spread on ”Bruce Jenner Breast Implants.’ I mean, each step of your journey, taken by the media and publicised to the rest of the world, despite the private nature of it. Must have been a little harder to do.

But here comes the real question – Was it so brave that she deserved the ESPY Courage Award? No.

No. No. No.

Considering I have just celebrated her sex-change, as you have read, you may be a little surprised at my adamance against her award. But don’t be, because I am about to explain why I don’t think she deserved this prize.

What Caitlyn did was a remarkably moving step to become comfortable in her own person, while in the eyes of gossip mongers everywhere. But there are so. many. people, who, despite not having such a high calibre profile, battle their own societal demons to also make this massive personal change.

They are all heroes in their own right, for conquering their issues in gender identity so why specifically recognise Jenner, who already was getting so much more attention from the Hollywood world to progress the idea of acceptance?

This award could have gone to so many other people, whose courage has not only been personal, but helped the world and made a difference. The biggest example, of course, was 19 year old basketball star, Lauren Hill. Passed away now unfortunately, (rest in peace.), Hill was diagnosed with brain cancer but continued playing. She was a shining example of hoping for the best, even raising $1 million for cancer research before her death.

Snoop Dog (I’m sure you all have heard of this rapper, his name is pretty distinctive) wrote a controversial tweet or Insta-post on how he was angry at a ‘science project’ getting the award, when there were other more deserving people. That’s rude too, Caitlyn or any sex-change recipient is not some ‘science project’, that was just crass. But he is a prominent example of the backlash that is facing Jenner and the ESPN at the moment.

I get that Jenner can now stand proud amongst her peers in the sporting arena. She can stand proud as a woman in Hollywood.

But that is not a reason to give her prestigious award for courage in my opinion.

Do you agree, dear readers? If not, why?

CCU Undercover: Rise & Dine w/ Bill Granger

Exams? Pssht. CCU would rather attend an event. Obviously it is more important 🙂

But, no really it is! This event (as you can probably tell by title) is all about the importance of eating breakfast and how Australians really need to up their breakfast game! CCU has done so many breakfast posts in the past, you should all know by now she has a passion for this meal!

Read on, go forth and enjoy because after this, cross her heart and hope to die, you won’t be seeing CCU till December (with some Christmas presents in tow 😉 )

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CCU Undercover: Cake, Bake & Sweets Show Part #3

And here we are, finally, after so long, writing the end of this show. It did go on for three days, so just be grateful I am only writing on one day, otherwise you would have a 9 part series 😉

Following on from my last Cake, Bake & Sweets show post, I had just finished lunch and my mumsical and I were wondering where to hit next.

Suddenly, I got a phone call and being part of the ‘media’ finally gave an advantage. I HAD AN INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY WITH ERIC LANLARD!!!


The guy I had just seen make a caramel masterpiece was willing to talk to a lowly, makes average cakes blogger like me *swoon*

No, no… I had to keep my cool. So I went up to the totally exclusive green room where there were other staff members relaxing from the stress of running this show! Kicking back with tea and coffee, the publicist who had taken me there kindly told us to feel free to get fruit or coffee from the refreshments table.

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CCU Undercover: Cake, Bake & Sweets Show Part #2

And here I am again, following my first post  about the Cake Bake & Sweets Show, with more food porn to share with you and lots more stories to tell. I did mention that there was a celebrity incoming no? 😉

Yes, that’s right, I managed to get a reasonably good seat to view a live demonstration by Eric Lanlard, off Baking Mad!!!

Part of the Lifestyle Food’s All-Star Theatre, he was there with the likes of Adriano Zumbo (who he happily ribbed throughout his baking due to his popularity!!), Duff Goldman and more!! Super charming, super French, super accented and an amazing baker, you can see why he was included in this A-list class of professional sweeties (if you know what I mean :D)


This was definitely the most popular area, as stars were continuously doing demonstrations here. There were people sitting, standing, recording, staring and everything else, as they mixed ganache like a pro! A large stage, a very fabulous presenter and a cheeky camera man definitely completed the atmosphere that built up there!

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CCU Undercover: Cake, Bake & Sweets Show Part #1

I am genuinely not even going to begin with my customary, third person introduction because you guys are about to be taken on a very long journey through the world of sweets.

I really suggest snuggling down, grabbing some savoury snacks, popcorn preferably, because I am about to take you on a candy roller coaster of sweet, sweet, and a little bit more sweet fun 😉 – if you didn’t have a cavity before, I assure you, you will after reading this post.

Consider that my only warning!

And remember… this is only part 1. Yes, I am rather thorough 😉

review title

I think the best way to go about showing you all the wonderful world of the Cake Bake & Sweets Show, is to start riiiight from the beginning! Located at Sydney Olympic Park’s Showground Dome, it covered massive area, and the entire festival was located in a covered location, which was a great idea in case of weather!


Though we were lucky and had a sunny day anyway – doesn’t my mummy look pretty? I don’t think you have face-met her before 😀

We ambled over to the massive dome, and I got my press release (MEDIA ZOMG) badge, though I totally kept my cool, and may have kept flashing it “accidentally” at all the security people, because I felt super important. Then, by extension, it was really cool, my mum was also included as being media by extension, because she came as my guest! We both kept our lanyards, it will make good stories in the years to come! 😉


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