Making It Easier With ZipList!

Good afternoon, morning and evening my darlings! I am just lounging around, pretending to be a fish while my criminology essay sits untouched.

We have all been there, how sad does that empty word document look right?

But then I decided to stop being so unproductive (I can suck in my cheeks that much non?) and kick-ass myself into action… right into my blog 😀
Because as always my priorities are 100% on line!


In today’s post, I want to introduce you to new partnership I am in which is saving your lives. Yes. YOUR lives. And mine I suppose as well 😀

For ages now, you guys have been asking me to do some sort of printing mechanism for my recipes (love you!) and I used to put up a word document which you could just print – but it was hard, I often forgot and had to update my posts, and overall, just NOT ideal!

But now, I was lucky enough to be offered to work with ZipList! This is basically a blogger’s best friend, as not only does it allow for super easy recipe formatting (as you may have noticed since my recent lemon meringue post), but you can now save recipes, print recipes AND best of all, super easily organise all the ingredients you need as well!


It is like bonus, after bonus, after bonus with this program!

They also feature a mobile app, to make it easier on the go to quickly save recipes, and are super easy to use. Quite literally, just make an account on their website and start saving recipes (as a number of bloggers are using this!) by pressing on the blue button to the side of the recipe you want!


Then, anywhere around the web you, if you will see this ‘Recipe Box’ tab, you can access all your saved recipes from ZipList, regardless of the blog you are visiting!


And then feel free to make extravagant, chocolate filled shopping lists, get great grocery deals and tips as an additional part of the account! It is the ultimate tool in my book, as now, I don’t have to put random bookmarks everywhere, or forget about recipes I saved ages ago!

ZipList is my official organisation system now 🙂


If you want any help at all in using it, definitely check out their website, but it is quite a simple system, so I have full faith all of you will be all over it! With good reason too 😀

But not right now… read this recipe first 😉 – In fact, perhaps it may be the first one some of you save with your new accounts?

After all, it is certainly a big of a commemorative point in my life – I used alcohol in baking! YAY! And now… much to my parents’ chagrin, it is here to stay in my pantry (though during late nights, I need a pick me up sometimes!)


Baileys is magical. I have seen it used in so many of your wonderful blog posts guys, but never dreamed it was such a wholesome ingredient! Especially not in brownies!

I feel like my favourite brownie recipe has just been promoted to best in the world because I swear, no brownie has ever tasted so moist! Or maybe I was feeling the effects of said Baileys so everything tasted better? Naah, jokes, I am a heavyweight, a little bit of alcohol wouldn’t… no.. wait… I meant.




Parents stop reading. Serious.

Anyways, moving on, yes, alcohol does make a massive impact on how moist these brownies were! And studded with delicious white chocolate chips, drizzled in more white chocolate, it made for a sweet treat with a nice kick to it – pretty fantastic!


Do I suggest you try these Baileys brownies? Yes.

When do I suggest you try them? Today. ASAP. This very second. 😉


Till next time mes cheris!

OH WAIT! GUYS!!! Should I add to my social networking headache and get an Instagram account? HELP ME! I just don’t know! Thanks xx 😛


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  3. Hannah says:

    Holy heck, brownies with Bailey’s AND white chocolate? Where to I sign up?! I’m not a drinker, but I can certainly appreciate a generous pour when it comes to dessert. 😉


  4. Terra says:

    I loved when I saw the image of the your brownies on Facebook, they look so moist and delicious! I love the idea of a boozy brownie, your addiction of Bailey’s….YUM! Hugs, Terra


  5. Deepti says:

    Looks absolutely fantastic! I haven’t really got to bake anything with alcohol but have heard a lot about using bailey’s in baking…. I hope you got to finish your assignment at the end!!


  6. Juliana says:

    Delicious looking brownies…and yes, Baileys sound fabulous…love the white chocolate on it…as you can see…this brownie is just perfect.
    Thanks for the intro to ziplist Uru…hope you are having a great week 😀


  7. Sophie says:

    oooh waw, your Baileys brownies with that georgous white chocolate topping look outragesly appetizing! 🙂
    MMMMMMMMMMMMM! I must make these tasty beauties soon! x


  8. Liz says:

    Hooray for Ziplist! Now I can save your recipes 🙂 These brownies look phenomenal!
    PS…so sorry about you not getting my emails. Another blogger friend had trouble, too. I know she resubscribed, but I need to check to see if she’s getting my posts again. I have subscribed to my own blog and haven’t had a lapse, so wonder what is going on!


  9. Sugar et al says:

    Bailieys sure does magic to chocolate or maybe the other way round. Basically, I think they are made for each other. I have to try your brownies…they look fabulous. I’ve never given ZipList a serious though I’ve been seeing it for ages…thanks for the tips!


  10. Debra says:

    I am delighted with the addition of ZipList and enjoy having it available to organize favorite recipes. These chocolate brownies look amazing to me! I do like Bailey’s. 🙂 I have an Instagram account, but I’m too busy to do anything with it. I’d be surprised if you could add in one more thing, but if you do, let us know!


  11. I’m not a drinker, but I’ll take some Baileys in my brownies any day. Yum!

    Personally, I find Instagram less demanding and less of a time-suck than Facebook or Twitter. But that might also be because I’m not a huge picture taker, so I don’t use it that often


  12. Norma Chang says:

    Need to learn about ziplist.
    Your Bailey’s chocolate brownies sure looks good and so moist, having breakfast as I read your post and thinking those brownies would make great breakfast.


  13. louise says:

    Baileys in Brownies are my very best favorite combination unless of course there’s Kahlúa in the room. Then I want them both in my brownies, lol…Your parents may be happy to know that in most recipes the alcohol dissipates:) Thanks for sharing these yummy brownies with us Uru…


  14. The young lady has discovered alcohol! Oh no. These look great Uru! I’m sure the booze helps but we don’t drink so I’ll never know!! I use Ziplist too along with another plug in and it really helps with the formatting. Also, get an IG, it’s just fun to see random photos! Asking as they’re not ALL selfies 🙂


  15. Debra says:

    The educator in me says, “Get back to your essay.” The blogger in me says, “Thank you very much for the tip.” I have been struggling with a good recipe posting feature. I will blow off the rest of my morning and work with my 100% priority as well! Have a great week!


  16. Kathleen Richardson says:

    Sorry, CCU, but I laughed when I read that your piping bag popped! Just want you to know we’ve all been thru that type of disaster. I’ll definitely check out Ziplist ’cause while I might not cook everything my favorite bloggers post, I love to read recipes (fewer calories that way!). Brownies with Baileys… yum!


    • Kathleen Richardson says:

      One more thing, CCU, the “ground coffee”… is that powdered (instant) coffee or is it ground coffee for brewing? P.S. I just registered with Ziplist. Thanks for the heads-up!


  17. Baking with booze. Now you are talking. 🙂 Baileys really is a versatile ingredient, actually most of the liquiers are. Try Frangelico in your brownie recipe for a nutty flavor. Yarm!
    Thanks for sharing ziplist, what a great idea. 🙂 And….. Yes, get Instagram Instasap! #itsthebest
    Have a great week. 🙂


  18. Alice says:

    Hi Uru, Love that you finally get to bake with some booze! Bailey’s is an all time fave of mine too. I like your idea of a recipe organiser, it makes life so handy when everything is already online. Will definitely check it out!


  19. Cris says:

    Now those look amazing 😡 I haven`t tried either baking somenthing with alcohol…but these look so moist and yumm…About the Instangram account…I`ve been thinking too to make one, but I don`t know… If I`ll make it before you, I`ll give you a review ;))


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