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Plain Cake

I don’t appreciate the story ‘The Ugly Duckling’.

But disclaimer, I’m not trying to insult Hans, hell no, I have a full on fancy illustrated version of all his stories for crying out loud!

This is just a little critique. But things may become slightly heated. Like a furnace.

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Making It Easier With ZipList!

Good afternoon, morning and evening my darlings! I am just lounging around, pretending to be a fish while my criminology essay sits untouched.

We have all been there, how sad does that empty word document look right?

But then I decided to stop being so unproductive (I can suck in my cheeks that much non?) and kick-ass myself into action… right into my blog 😀
Because as always my priorities are 100% on line!


In today’s post, I want to introduce you to new partnership I am in which is saving your lives. Yes. YOUR lives. And mine I suppose as well 😀

For ages now, you guys have been asking me to do some sort of printing mechanism for my recipes (love you!) and I used to put up a word document which you could just print – but it was hard, I often forgot and had to update my posts, and overall, just NOT ideal!

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CCU Undercover: Launch of Moutai, Australia + Giveaway!!! (Closed)

CCU was pondering on how to tell you guys, being in Australia, and being 18, that she had… you know… drunk alcohol. It seems like a touchy topic, she didn’t know why, after all, almost everyone drinks it.

But it made her feel like she had lost her childlike innocence. Despite openly loving tiramisu and Bailey’s chocolate mousse, she still felt it was different.

Suddenly, opportunity arose in the form of  an invite to the launch OF an alcoholic drink. Now she could classily, hopefully, tell you guys that yes.. she had indeed tried alcohol… she just had to be tactful… like speak through third person… 😉

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My friend (let us call her Sis) and I were walking down Sussex St, wandering and wandering, trying to reach the location, when BAM! We were confronted by flowers, a bright red carpet and a distinct Asian theme in the air… though of course, we were basically in China Town 🙂

AS1_0038-2You see, we were there as I was generously invited to attend the launch of Moutai Australia (pronounced Mau-tie). This is indeed, as I very subtly hinted at the beginning of this post, an alcoholic beverage, but it is a highly prestigious one, being China’s national drink.

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