‘Catch Me If You Can!’

So you may all remember that I posted up a lovely little salad recipe a little while back and introduced you all to the very essence of what it is to be a uni student. In terms, of course, of the fact that we are perpetually starving 24 hours a day (or however long we actually are at uni :P)

Well, since this is part of Ala @Wallflour Girl‘s fantastic link up part for all #undergradstudentbloggers and #gradstudentbloggers, we also have a new theme for each time we post up!

I am guessing the title is giveaway enough so let’s see if you can indeed keep up with this part of the student blogger series 😀

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Assignments? Check.

Professor evaluations? Check.

Multiple RSVPs? Check.

Lecture notes? OH holy… wait… no.. Check.

Fake Identity? Check.



And you know why? Because I am in Australia and don’t need a fake ID 😉

But just the idea of fake IDs aside, a uni student’s life does basically mirror that of an illegal, very fantastic looking, intelligent con artist extraordinary, Frank Abagnale.


Let’s go through the small stuff first:


  • Us uni students are very fantastic looking (the lack of uniforms really shows) – although… I am yet to come across a Leo at my uni.. just saying!
  • We are very intelligent – we made it to uni didn’t we? 😛
  • Illegal… well… um… touchy touchy stuff here, let’s leave it at that shall we?

But more so than ANYTHING, with grad or undergrad students, is that truly, you can never, ever catch them. We are con artists – we have multiple ‘disguises’ for multiple situations, you need to be sneaky to find some time with us, you need to go to extraordinary lengths to find us.

We are just that busy.


Tom Hanks eat your heart out. You thought catching one was bad? Try millions.

I mentioned something about multiple identities, so I bet you are dying to hear about it! As we all know, because we ALL have seen the movie (hint, if you haven’t, this is your cue to drop everything and get the movie!), Leo plays Frank Abagnale, who has at least 6 different personas to avoid being caught.

This was of course, over the entire criminal time period of Mr Abagnale genius man.

If you take your typical uni student, their lives can get so busy, that they have 6 different identity changes in ONE DAY. Yes. ONE DAY. You think I am lying? I find it so cute that you do.


Morning Persona #1: Typical Uni Student: When I get up in the morning feeling like P Diddy…. Sorry, Ke$ha’s song is your alarm, thank GOD you did not wake up feeling like P Diddy. Unless you are a big fan, then good for you? 😛 – ANYWAYS, you get up, you are groggy and you have eyes crossing over by themselves from lack of sleep. But you know first up in the morning, you have a tute so you stumble into a baggy t-shirt and thongs, and head off.

Mid-Morning Persona #2: The Business Woman: Tute is over, you are free? JOKES, you have a meeting for a potential internship in twenty minutes. So you hog up the girls bathroom, forcing people to use alternate floors to wash their hands while you straighten hair, conceal your bags, put on stiff slight elderly-people heels and a pencil skirt. Honestly how are you even walking?


Noon Persona #3: Personal Trainer: Ain’t nobody got time to go home and jog, honestly, the idea of home brings one word to mind. Bed. So when are you going to fit in some exercise time? When you should be eating of course! As we established before, uni students have too much of a commitment to everything else than to eat anyways.

Mid Afternoon Persona #4: Working Girl: Uni’s over, but you don’t get to lounge. What is going to put money on your table? So on blistered feet, you are waitressing around and pretending you are not sipping little sneaks from people’s drinks to keep you awake. Pretending really badly since you are so tired. You aren’t even moonlighting as a waitress, you are just plain jobbing it up.


Evening Persona #5: Daddy/Mummy’s Girl: Family dinner tonight, with cheek pinching uncles and aunties, babies throwing up all over the shop and polite, brittle laughter of those you met once when you were a child. You wear a frock like you were 5 years old and you let your parents know just how much you appreciate special times with them. Ugh, check!

Late Night Persona #6: Party Animal: You now, of course, have to head back into the city because your best friend’s mate’s brothers birthday is on and basically, not going would be social suicide. So scrunched feet back into stiletto heels while a bit of a drink takes the edge of the pain, you sway to the music and pretend there are pillows on either side of your face.


BAM. WHAM. DONE. Didn’t believe me, huh? Nope, this is very possible. Which is why if someone went into the human-locker business, I would be hiring by the minute. Can we just take a minute to appreciate how crazy busy uni life is? And I know I am only mentioning a girl’s life (considering I am one :P) but boys, to be honest, you have it easy.

Boys: Wear a suit. Take of coat and tie to be casual. Put on coat only to be blazer friendly. Look neat therefore parents happy. The only thing you would really need is a gym outfit. Ugh. Boys.

But regardless, they are just as busy. Sigh…


Between all the high heel changes, the make up smudges, the giant handbags that leave shoulders dislocated, uni students don’t really care whether people can find them or not in the end. You can try to make it your goal and follow a uni kid for kicks, but I assure you, it will be more tiresome to you than them.

Between our assignments, our test study, our applications and our daily schedules that are bursting right to the brim, you have to wonder how anyone ever catches some time with us at all!


Ever heard of the triangle of doom for students? We either only two of the trifecta that makes a perfect life:

  1. Sleep
  2. Social
  3. Study

You also have to wonder, at the same time, how uni students eat on the run then. As previously established, sometimes we don’t at all. When we do however, we don’t really eat heavy foods, that is THE secret. Imagine, hypothetically, running to your internship in a suit (female or male), and seeing smears of tomato sauce and relish flecking your tie, your white shirt. Imagine trying to scoff a pizza with a slice of pepperoni being caught in the wind, and smacking you in the eye!


No. The right procedure is something light, portable, easy to eat on the go and something that does not leave a strong smell after it. And here, right here, is the perfect solution. Crumby, wrappable and soft lemon bars. Slip one in your pocket, go ahead. Eat it in one bite? Go ahead.


Now that is where this recipe comes in 😀 Sweetened condensed milk, being its usual intelligent fatty self, binds the coconut and the biscuits crumbs beautifully. A swish of lemon icing on top, that hardens so it won’t coat the inside of your pocket with a washing disaster these lemon bars are definitely, the only way to go when you as busy as a uni student!

No-Bake Coconut Lemon Bars

Barely adapted from: Exclusively Food

Printable Recipe!




  • 80g butter
  • 250g Scotch finger (or a buttery biscuit equivalent)
  • 90g desiccated coconut
  • 2 tbs fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tbs lemon finely grated lemon rind


  • 250g icing mixture
  • 3 tbs lemon juice, freshly squeezed
  • Extra desiccated coconut, for sprinkling on top


  1. Line a 20x25cm baking tin with baking paper
  2. Stir butter and sweetened condensed milk over a medium heat till mixture smooth and fully combined.
  3. Finely crush the 250g of biscuits in a food processor.
  4. Mix the biscuits with the desiccated coconut.
  5. Stir the lemon juice (2 tbs) into the milk and butter mixture.
  6. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix till well combined.
  7. Spoon the mixture into the prepared pan and use slightly greased hands to press down the mixture down firmly. You could also use a spoon or flat bottomed glass.
  8. Refrigerate, covered in plastic wrap.
  9. Lemon Icing: Combine icing mixture and lemon juice over low heat and stir till smooth and melted.
  10. Spread icing over refrigerated crust and sprinkle with extra desiccated coconut.
    Printable RecipeIMG_6222
  11. Refrigerate till hardened, slice and pack away for the busy uni day!

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The #gradstudentblogger and #undergradstudentblogger series showcases the lives and talent of insanely busy food bloggers from across all stages of their higher education pathway. Thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you again in two weeks!

Till the final segments mes cheris, catch me if you can 😉

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  2. mmmarzipan says:

    Those bars look amazing! And reading your post brings back fond memories of my uni days- some of the busiest, most inspiring days of my life. An amazing journey. Exhausting too 😉 Wishing you the best, Uru xx


  3. mjskit says:

    Oh yes – I can remember those six identities when I was in college. 🙂 I never had time to make lemon bars but I definitely found the time to snack on them them. Yours look really, really goooood!


  4. V says:

    I’m going to a game night my boyfriend’s coworker is hosting next week and I was planning on bringing a dessert. Right as the words “lemon bar” came out of my mouth I came upon your recipe..might just be a sign….sounds delicious and ‘no-bake’ is perfect for someone like me who has verryyyy little baking experience! Thanks 🙂


  5. I’m definitely going to make a visit to your uni firneds and their blogs! You are a creative and resourceful group, and I so admire the way you find the time to share such lovely photos and well-resourced recipes. I guess not eating or sleeping gives you the extra time? LOL! Loving a no-bake recipe. It’s too hot for me to bake right now, but I still have a sweet tooth. 🙂


  6. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says:

    Thankfully all your personalities fit so nicely inside that beautiful body of yours. Take 5 minutes and put your feet up and eat one of these lemon bars. It will help. 🙂


  7. Hillarious posting CCU, but unfortunately it’s kinda correct……’
    your POV it’s a kinda fun stuffs, but mime,
    Just like a consultant specialistic dentist who had a very nice face to the patients and then turn into an bitchy evil to the resident and untergraduate dentistry students, lol
    i guess we’re all about lies and pretend….
    nice and lovely unbaked bars actually!!!


  8. Wowee Uru! Your story takes me back to my part time student days & it was only a few months ago! I’ve forgotten how hectic life was with assignments & dashing to work! Love the lemon bars. We all need more no bake recipes in our lives. Keep it Up! 🙂


  9. Omg Uru. LURVE. this post is everything about uni life, ever!! I love the Catch Me If You Can reference too 😀 this is exactly how I feel all the time…and lord would these bars make it better! Next time I am totally asking you to commiserate and share!!


  10. Miss CCU… You do make me giggle. I love all your personalities, I was thinking all my personalities would throughly enjoy hanging with all your personalities. Although, might have to wait until your on holidays, dang girl you are busy. Great recipe! Good luck with exams. Sending you truck loads of smart brain cells and energy and encouragement. Happy Weekend too! xox


  11. I become so man people during the course of the day I can hardly keep up with myself. I guess one is always a Uni student in one shape or another. I have gone through so many seasons of change in 24 hrs but haven’t we all?

    No bake is the way to go especially when you’re still trying to catch up with yourself:)


  12. hotlyspiced says:

    My mother used to make this slice and I loved it. It’s such a great recipe as it comes together so well and I love how it doesn’t need to be baked and it has that highly addictive eat-with-a-spoon ingredient, condensed milk. Good luck with your exams xx


  13. um… your day sounds waaaay crazier than mine!!! I refuse to go to parties anymore, it is just not worth the effort when i can sit around in my sweats watching movies and eating cookies 😛
    loving this no-bake stuff btw, i think my oven has issues (the heat is DEFINITELY not right, took me 30 min to roast cherry tomatoes the other day!!!) so it’s no-bake until i get that temp checked!


    • Haha I am getting to that but still in ‘first year mentality’ I suppose 😛 – Eep that oven sounds absolutely gone! This is definitely the way to go till it is fixed 😛
      Thanks for stopping by! x

      Choc Chip Uru


  14. Whaaaaat?! These are no bake?! They look like the usual baked lemon bars (in other words, gobsmackingly delicious). That thick slick of icing on top is making my mouth water. Love these bars, Uru! And love this post – such a clever tie-in between the movie (which I just watched three nights ago on Netflix) and being a uni student. You totally nailed it. And that truly is the trifecta of student life, in the order of importance (because sleep is always the #1 priority, with socializing coming next 😉 Studying definitely falls at the bottom).


    • YAY you and I are kindred spirits then, I love that movie to bits! And yep, as my grades show, studying is at the bottom 😛
      Aaah priorities, priorities… student life is the best!

      Choc Chip Uru


  15. A_Boleyn says:

    Canadian universities are different from those in the UK and Australia in many ways. Especially in the absence of tutorials … I think that’s what you mean by ‘tutes’. We have lectures and laboratories. The only time you see a professor one on one is if you go to see them during their scheduled office hours. Even in labs (I was a bio/chem major) you’re more likely to interact with the assigned TA (teaching assistant). I can’t remember ever having to trot out so many ‘personalities’ either. It sounds very frenetic.

    The no-bake lemon bars … lovely.


  16. Serena says:

    Oh, you are absolutely right about the student’s life. I have two part-time jobs, university and I’m in a volleyball team so I know what you mean about girls being busy! The cake looks delicious and ready to take which is what I prefer when I have 5 minutes until the bus leaves. Oh! It happens so often, right? 😉 For social life, I like such places where you can sit outside on a nice patio and enjoy good weather with your friends. What are the main features that you prefer when going out with friends? Are your places similar to mine?


    • Oh my god, I don’t even know how you do it! Haha I am always running for buses that is a given as well 😛
      Hmm when I go out with my friends, we often do like to relax at home – going back into the city on days we don’t have to seems like a little bit of a chore!
      That being said, our favourite restaurants are definitely the place to go as well!

      Choc Chip Uru


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