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‘Catch Me If You Can!’

So you may all remember that I posted up a lovely little salad recipe a little while back and introduced you all to the very essence of what it is to be a uni student. In terms, of course, of the fact that we are perpetually starving 24 hours a day (or however long we actually are at uni :P)

Well, since this is part of Ala @Wallflour Girl‘s fantastic link up part for all #undergradstudentbloggers and #gradstudentbloggers, we also have a new theme for each time we post up!

I am guessing the title is giveaway enough so let’s see if you can indeed keep up with this part of the student blogger series 😀

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Simple Pleasures Of Life

You remember when I tried to be silent and it did not work at all? Today I am going to try it again, not for my benefit or yours but to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. You know how some people just ask you to shut up stop talking and look at the world. Here’s looking at the world.

Now (soon), I am going to be the shut-upee stop talking FOR REAL for one post and make this a picture post which will uplift you, revive you and enchant you. Who can resist puppies with photoshopped eyes or a rainbow so vivid, you could actually find that pot of gold? 😀
The real pleasure in life no?

I totally took each one, they are from Google images but I hope you enjoy every single one.  I chose them because they made me laugh, smile or giggle and to me, nothing beats a good grin so I hope it gives a pleasure to you all too 🙂

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