CCU Undercover: Goodtime Diner

“It’s always a good time! Woah-oooh-oh-oh-oh, Woah-oooh-oh-oh, it’s always a good time!”

CCU removed her earphones with Carly Rae Jepsen’s song that was perfect for the movement. Scouring around Zara in Bondi’s Westfield, she began earnestly searching for the diner! She wasn’t exactly sure where she was going when suddenly, she bumped into a menu stand!!

Typical display of CCU-style clumsy of course!

A little bruised, not really battered, CCU made her way in… and ended up in New Orleans?

review title

Ok so this post isn’t going to be some sci-fi fantasy story for you, in which, I really did end up in New Orleans (though DUDE, that would be so cool!) Rather, I ended up at Goodtime DinerThis vintage bar meets diner style restaurant is quite hidden away, almost like the vintage gritty New Orleans bars it is inspired by!


You don’t actually expect this diner to be quite so large, but it continues to stretch out, past a well-stocked bar, and on all sides, you see traces of the French Quarter that the diner is also based on.



You can almost here the saxophones, the tap dancing, and you can almost see the saucy grins and flirty dancing that took New Orleans by storm! The diner recreates (what I imagine) the atmosphere would have been like very well, just by interior decoration!


Besides the warm browns, and old-fashioned look, it also hosts stands of antiques and old-style radios, coke bottles, you name it, it is there! For someone like me, who has never lived in a period where there wasn’t a mobile phone, it was so intriguing!


Adding to the ambience was the warm lighting (which was a bit of issue for photos #foodbloggerproblems) :P, and when I arrived at the table set up for us, it reminded me of one of those old-style banquet sets ups I have read about in historical novels.


Sigh… to go back to that time! Instead, enjoying this cafe was a fabulous compromise 🙂


As everyone was getting seated, and enjoying themselves, the waitresses came out and politely started serving the bubbly to kick off the evening. They poured two glasses worth in one but who was I to say no right?

I wasn’t driving! 😀


Enjoying the company of Casual Food Blogger, Adventures of Miss Piggy and ChopinandMysaucepan (I know, I was literally in the presence of blogging royalty!), as the food started to come out and the conversation began to flow, I knew I was in for a very good night 🙂

While the ambience was very New Orleans French Quarter inspired, the food was more a mix of contemporary Australian cuisine 🙂 This event was a soft launch, sampling the new Dinner Club menu at Goodtime Diner.

The first dish that came out was a Charcuterie Plate (Smoked pork belly, smoked cheese, gherkin, smoked nuts and salami). I of course didn’t try the meats selection, but I did get to try the other elements that had not touched it 🙂


The cheese, I honestly was not the biggest fan due to not being smoked enough, but when I paired it with the crusty toasted bread on the side, it was much tastier! They complimented each other very well! Furthermore, those nuts – I would buy them by the packet! Smokey and deliciously seasoned!

Next up, was the Garlic Bread. It was light and crispy, almost airy as you bit into it, and the taste of garlic wasn’t too overpowering. It was perfect and I literally could have finished the entire plate (but I behaved and shared :P) – it was fantastic!


Definitely one of my favourites! But I was feeling the loss of a bowl of spaghetti beside me to wipe the sauce with it 😉


Next, as part of this soft launch event, came out the sides for the evening. Firstly, the Charred Cajun Corn, smeared generously with butter and chilli. Even my Indian flavour for blow-your-pants-off chilli was having a bit of trouble towards the end of the corn!


But it was definitely worth it! The corn was slick with the coating and juicing in biting in on it!


I just wish it had come with a wooden stick to eat it from, sort of like a mini corn on cob style, so our hands wouldn’t have had to get so dirty in trying to be delicate 😛

This next dish, please, get ready for a serious bout of cuteness. Best serving presentation of the evening award definitely went to their Famous Mac & Cheese! In the cutest little mini saucepan I have ever seen, no lid, this was a gourmet version of the best comfort food!


I was surprised by how rustic it looked, but it suited the atmosphere and the dish itself, since it looked so generous!

It was deliciously cheesy, and addictive, but lacked a bit of salt. After sprinkling some pink salt on top, provided on the table, I literally was digging in like there was no tomorrow!


Now, it was time for the main dishes – both of these were meat ones so I am definitely glad I had already filled up on the entrees and sides 😛

First up came chocolate brownies. JOKES, I mean the 12 Hour Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs! I think everyone fell in love just by the fact that it had been slow cooked for 12 hours, it automatically made this meat dish delicious!


The Southern Spiced Chicken also looked very succulent, the colour was a rich golden brown and there wasn’t anything left so I am guessing it wasn’t dry or boring in flavour 🙂


The spice mix that it used was apparently the reason for the winner (are you wondering what the secret mix is because I sure am!) 😛

The salads served alongside the meals were definite keepers! I absolutely adored the Cous Cous, Chickpea, Pine Nuts and Roasted Pumpkin salad! Some people were put off by the fact that it was served cold, but I really enjoyed the pumpkin that way! The chickpeas went very well with the dish, but more than anything I wanted to dive headfirst into the fluffiness of the couscous!


The final dish of the evening was the refreshing Fennel, Goats Cheese, Pear and Spinach Salad. I, for one, love fruit in my salads (that aren’t fruit salads… ok am I confusing you as well as myself?) so the pear with spinach is a tried and much loved combination!


I didn’t really get much taste for the fennel in the salad, but the goats cheese was tangy and worked well with the lightness of the pears!

I am also glad that dessert was on the menu (I know, BITE MY TONGUE!) but I was so full from all this, I don’t think I would have had the space! 😛

General Notes

  • Great service – attentive (not just to us, I always take note of other customers)
  • Lovely interior
  • Generous serving sizes
  • Fitting for large parties
  • Considerably reasonable prices (the garlic bread was $4, the mac and cheese $6 – that is very good for its location and the fact that Australia is always over expensive!)

Rating: 8/10

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Would I return there? If I lived closer to Bondi, or was in Bondi, then definitely! Who am I to resist the beautiful world of New Orleans that is only a 45 minute car drive away? Especially when it offers delicious food to boot! 😀

Till next time mes cheris! Or actually…. till a while now! I have some amazing guest posters coming up for you, and my blog will be ‘under construction’ to fix a few things, so I won’t actually be seeing you not till December!

I may do one more blog post, or I may not, so we shall see lovely people! Try not to miss me too much 😉 and if I am not writing another one, I shall see you on the other side of my exams with baking recipes galore! 🙂

Disclaimer: Go Bake Yourself was invited to attend courtesy of Carlos Raso Public Relations and Goodtime Diner. Any opinions expressed are honest and her own.

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  1. What an interesting place. I also find it a bit curious that the menu wasn’t New Orleans or Bayou inspired, if indeed the ambiance was set up to feel reminiscent of NOLA. Maybe that was more coincidental than planned, but regardless it seems like a very pleasant place to gather. The food that you shared in the photos all looks delicious. The couscous looked very appealing to me. This appears to be a very fine place I would definitely enjoy. 🙂


  2. viveka says:

    Love review and the food images are just fantastic. I would enjoy the ribs too … Planing to visit Australia after I done Hong Kong and Japan. I have heard and seen so much about the great food you have down under, this is something I would enjoy very much. I was in NOLA the year before Katrina and I must say that foodwise anything goes there, Even the air has calories.


    • If you come to Australia on your various travels, PLEASE look me up! I would love to hang out with you 😀
      Haha I love that – living where the air has calories can’t be the worst thing at all no?

      Choc Chip Uru


  3. Eva Taylor says:

    It looks like the food definitely rocked this eclectic diner, you really scored on this one. The bubbly doesn’t hurt either. 45 minutes would be a little far for me, but it could be a great brunch place and do a little shopping afterward.


  4. Louise says:

    That looks like one cool place, Uru! I absolutely LOVE the floor and that bar! The food sounds pretty tasty too but I wouldn’t say it was inspired by New Orlean’s styled cooking either. However, everything looks and sounds yummy!!!

    Enjoy your break and see you in December…


  5. You’re making me sooo hungry lol. You’re reviews to me are legendary. And did you see that corn and those short ribs? OMG. I love this place. I know New Orleans food is more of a melting pot but give me a joint like this any day 🙂


    • It was lovely meeting you both as well 🙂
      Haha me too, I still remember the crispness of that bread! I was lucky, my lighting was quite good, I’m sure your lighting was just unfortunate because your photos always turn out wonderfully!

      Choc Chip Uru


  6. A_Boleyn says:

    I haven’t been in New Orleans in too many years to be able to compare the ambience other than that it was dark in all the bars/restaurants I went to, but the food definitely wasn’t N’awlins inspired. It all looked delicious though, and any meal that starts with a double serving of champagne is a winner in my book.


    • I agree the food wasn’t but the ambience seemed spot on! Haven’t been to New orleans myself but from what I have heard from friends, the bar scene rocks!
      Haha the bubbly starts of all good dinners 😀

      Choc Chip Uru


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