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Hi lovelies! Guess what? I just finished my first exam! And I am not going to think about it and cry/hysterically laugh! Instead, I am going to put all my energy into trying to mentally take this amazing recipe out of my computer screen for a late night of eating and movies 😛

I mean… study for my next exams… obviously… *oops*

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Who do I have on Go Bake Yourself today? You may not really be wondering considering the title, but still, dramatic effect has to count for something no?

Today, one of my favourite bloggers in the world is posting on my blog, and I am SO excited (though a lot of you know her already!) 😀


Look familiar? This is Kim from My Inner ChickI have been following Kim for ages and she is legit one of the coolest people I have ‘met’ to date! Her writing style engrosses me so much, I often don’t see the time fly by! 

I know you will all enjoy this awesome recipe courtesy of an awesome person 🙂

I ‘m privileged and honored and excited to be guest hosting on Chef Urvashi Agarwal’s blog today! I really love this girl: her fascinating stories, brilliant adventures, presentations of mouth-watering foods, and her descriptions about the “College Life.” You could say, I’m living my youth once again through this cool Aussie.   Btw, Urvashi, I adored writing essays in college, even for Economics and Stats!   Such a dork. So, if you need help….call me. Maybe.



I’m quite certain I’m probably the only person in her realm of foodies whom possibly cooks the semi-home way. Yes, I am the queen of simplicity. Yeah, I said it. Most of what I make is easy and undemanding. I utilize cake mixes for chocolate chip cookies, store bought dough for pies, & saltine crackers for crusts.


This leads me to one of my most popular family indulgences, Saltine Cracker Toffee. My family goes a bit crazy for these sweet brown sugar delights. And this batch creates a large amount, so I can bring treats to co-workers and friends.

The winter weather is almost here in Minnesota. Brrrrrr. This means our cat, Bizzy stays in the house hibernating ( like the rest of us ) under fluffy, feathered blankets. Don’t you think he’s adorable with that little red nose?

004 copy

Anyhow, this is the time of year I bake, create, stir, melt, scan through old cookbooks, and read awesome, delicious books. This is the time I make Saltine Cracker Toffee for my boys. Here is the recipe:

Saltine Cracker Toffee


  • 2 Sticks of butter
  • 2 cups of Brown Sugar
  • 1 ½ sleeves of Saltine Crackers
  • Milk chocolate chips or Large chocolate bar.


  1. Line long cookie sheet with tin foil and lightly spray
  2. Cover entire pan with saltine cracker (usually a little over one sleeve)
  3. Boil butter and brown sugar in pan (Watch & Stir constantly)
  4. When the mixture bubbles, pour immediately over crackers. Spread.
  5. Let sit for a minute, then pour chocolate chips or cut up candy bar. It will melt like silk!
  6. Spread over mixture. I crush up a few crackers for the top, as well.
  7. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
  8. Some people break up the toffee, but I cut into squares like bars.
  9. They are exquisite and addictable!


  • I use more chocolate because we dig thick frosting

What you don’t devour, GIVE AWAY to your favorite people!

I have all the ingredients at home for this so legit… what even am I waiting for? 😛

This is such a delicious recipe Kim, thank you so much for guest posting for me! If you want to see more of Kim’s style (remember, attitude with a side of bitch!), be sure to check out My Inner Chick!

Till next time mes cheris, I bet you don’t miss me at all with such a high calibre of guest posts! 😀

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  1. Kristi Campbell - findingninee says:

    This stuff looks AAAHHHMAZING! I can’t wait to make them because it seriously looks like something that maybe even I won’t mess up! Thanks for the recipe, you two!!


  2. mafaldacooks says:

    Finding your blog was a super nice surprise! I enjoy the way you write and your recipes are delicious. Also I might say that the idea of having invited guests on your blog is a very good one to keep things fresh and I guess I’ll do that in the future too 🙂 Keep it up! 😀


  3. Vidya Sury says:

    Hey Urvashi! What a pleasure to meet you! ♥

    I love Kim and her blog and have known her for several years now. Her recipes are simply hug-worthy!

    Hey Kim! Love you! The recipe looks delectable!


  4. I adore Kim, what a yummy recipe. I sooo want some. So glad she traveled down under so I could meet you Uru. I’m an Aussie too. I live North of San Francisco. I wish I had blogged when I was going to Uni. It would have helped with the stress of swotting for exams. Good Luck!


  5. Mike says:

    I’m glad I found you via My Inner Chick! I’ve been going through your food reviews, Urvashi…they are terrific! Question that I often come across for myself – do you ask for permission to photograph in a restaurant first? Maybe folks in Australia are more laid back than the U.S. 🙂 Also, I was so interested to read your Moo Burger review but your pics aren’t show! 😦 All my best to you!


  6. lbddiaries says:

    Well, how simple can one get?? And don’t we all have those ingredients on hand? Unless *ahem* we have attacked the milk chocolate and hidden it away… in our mouths! I can’t do normal brown sugar (which is usually just white sugar with molasses added back in) but I have an excellent substitute – India Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar – which is a raw sugar with high molasses content (where the minerals and vitamins are!). It almost tastes just like store bought brown sugar, only stronger. Now I’m off to try check out your other amazing recipes – thank you for inviting Kim to guest post!


  7. Well I am NOT surprised you are just as famous over in Australia as you are in the Us of A Kim!!! THESE look AMAZING!!! I am all about simple- because I actually have zero interest in the process, I just want the product and FAST. Buying these ingredients TONIGHT.


  8. Sugar is part of my healthy balanced diet. It’s a dangerous thing when you keep finding new recipes to try when it is so bloody cold outside. j
    I can’t go out, therefore I bake.
    I bake therefore my arse expands.
    Oh winter and you Kim with your delish treats.
    xoxo from Canada.


  9. marieandpop says:

    100% fabulous! Did not know this recipe but looks so good and so easy tp make. I need easy recipes like this, cause I can’t handle ones with more than 100 words, I got stuck in the middle of it…
    Thanks Kim and Thanks Uru!


  10. Becky says:

    Hi Kim,
    It’s so nice to meet and your kitty. I have made this toffee before, and it so addicting, but so good. I usually make two batches, because it goes so fast. Hopping over to read your blog now…

    Uru, Good Luck on your exams!.


  11. Pingback: Australia, Amy Winehouse, & Aspergers | My Inner Chick

  12. hotlyspiced says:

    Lovely to find you over here, Kim. I’m sure it’s very cold in your part of the world right now and if I was over there I’d be behaving just like your cat. I do love your quick and easy recipe and what a great use for Hersey bars. Congrats on getting through your first exam, Uru xx


  13. —-Urvashi,
    How fun to be in Australia today! I love your blog SO much, and your readers are just
    as faaaaaaaabulous as you, my sweet smart amazing irresistible brilliant talented college girl! xxxxxxxxx


  14. Lilly Sue says:

    Oh my goodness, I love Saltine Cracker Toffee! I have not had this in forever. My mom use to make it when we were younger and I loved it SO much! I guess I will just have to make some for myself 🙂


  15. grabyourfork says:

    Yay for completing your first exam. And loving this recipe too. Have tried a similar version with matzo crackers but using Saltines is much easier on the pantry!


  16. bec {daisy and the fox} says:

    such a great guest post Uru! 🙂
    i too wish i could mentally pull this out of the computer screen and eat it right now 😛
    best of luck with the rest of your exams! you’ll be fab, i just know it 😀


  17. Kim Bultman says:

    Uru, of course you’re missed!!! And it’s very thoughtful (and smart and responsible) to keep us supplied with guest posts and goodies during your busy streak. xo! You’re da best! Thanks to Kim for featuring these treats — one of my fave Minnesota indulgences!


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