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May the Fourth Be With You

Fourth? Force – Aaaah, the light bulb pings and I can see that smile spreading across your face 😉

Now just because I made a bit of pun on Star Wars (like everyone makes today, let me clarify), does not mean I expect Darth Vader to come light-sabering rudely through my door as I sleep or Darth Maul going all touchy.

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Happy Australia Day 2013!

GUYS! HAPPY *belated by one day* AUSTRALIA DAY 😀

My dad actually sent me the perfect email to put into this post. It’s a “You know you are a ‘straya’ if/when you… quiz” – Let’s see how much aussie blood you all really have running in you!


  1. You think “Woolloomooloo” is a perfectly reasonable name for a place.
    Actually yes, I do. Especially considering I recently discovered there is a town called Ozenkadnook in Victoria which means ‘very fat kangaroo’ in Aboriginal…
  2. You’re secretly proud of our killer wildlife.
    How can you not go all gooey at kangaroos and koalas and maybe not so much emus which are actually killer with their stares 😉

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My… sniff… last post…

What can I say my friends… we have had a good journey. I thought perhaps I was ready to handle it all, honestly, the blogging, school, my friends, my family. I was even combining them!

A couple of weeks ago my parents and sat down. Serious faces on (wow, it is hard to joke right now), they told me carefully how they thought blogging was affecting my schooling, how there was always time for this later on. I mean, (hopefully) I have a long life ahead right? During Uni, they said, I would have more time to constantly do what I want, not tied down by algebra and calculus and five essays in one week.

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