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A Cross Country Culinary Tour

Ladies and gentlemen, we ask that you fasten your safety belts and upright your seat-backs, as we are about to embark upon a small journey across the world.

The safety video will be shown shortly, and if you require any assistance throughout the flight, feel free to press the button located on the left of your armrest to call for an attendant.

Once again, we thank you for flying via Air Guru and hope you have an entertaining flight.

Hehehe… HI GUYS! 😀

Today I have a special treat for you! I am going to give you a look into the lives of a couple of bloggers, one in my hometown and one far far faaaar away! Both equally talented and wonderful, this idea is part of the ‘Cross Country Culinary Tour.’

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My… sniff… last post…

What can I say my friends… we have had a good journey. I thought perhaps I was ready to handle it all, honestly, the blogging, school, my friends, my family. I was even combining them!

A couple of weeks ago my parents and sat down. Serious faces on (wow, it is hard to joke right now), they told me carefully how they thought blogging was affecting my schooling, how there was always time for this later on. I mean, (hopefully) I have a long life ahead right? During Uni, they said, I would have more time to constantly do what I want, not tied down by algebra and calculus and five essays in one week.

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