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CCU Undercover: Criniti’s

Before I begin, just a big thank you to everyone who helped me with my facebook questions and who linked me to their pages – If you saw someone random named Urvashi ‘like’ you, thats me 😀 and I want to like everyone so keep on linking 🙂
I will post up my page link as soon as I get some time to make it 😉
And also I was joking when I said I had lunch with Mark Z., I promise you all I hae never even seen this guy 😀

Now on to the post – Enjoy!


“Mamma mia!”
No-Sit Coffee Shops.
“Why are all the towers leaning daddy?”
Al Pacino casually walking by with Marlon Brando with their godkids…

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My Favourite Brownie Gone Oreo

This is an impromptu post. Something totally unplanned, impulsive and absolutely as far from my usual personality as it can possibly get. But I deserved it, I personally think.

As far as my holidays go, today was a so-so day. I suffered moments of intense frustration and lip biting and I slipped three times slightly in my driveway. I did cut a beautiful fruit salad to serve up to 35 people, but that was about the top of my day. Until around 2 hours ago.
I’m sure though that you don’t want to keep hearing about my day (especially today) so I am going to get straight to the point. It wasn’t the best until 2 hrs ago. And I deserved to get it back up to my holiday standard.


Now moving on… 🙂

I have posted a couple of different brownie recipes before. There was this one and this one and then a couple of fancier ones with one of the ones mentioned before turning into this one and a beautiful creation of this one. Yes, satisfy your curiosity and visit these ones. You won’t regret it.

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