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What Up Weather?

Hi guys! So just the other day I was admiring –

– *thwack*

Ahem… anyways, as I was saying, I saw the cutest little –



Ok. ANYWAYS, I saw the cutest dress in the window. It was black, sleeveless and –

– *crowd cheering*

OH. MY. GOD. Can you just stop with these ridiculous interrup-

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Elvis Meets Oreo at the Bottom of a Black Cupcake

What was so great about Elvis? Was it his oozing charm or his gel oozing quiff? Was it the fact that he could waggle his hips probably better than a lot of girls? Was it his, um, radical dance moves? Was it his voice which was so deep and melodious, it still makes you to want to glide with it?

Yeah, I think the answer is all of the above. He was after all The King. Full stop, no questions asked. But another thing he was famous for, a very well known thing actually (especially amongst us foodies) was his love for a special sandwich.

To be precise (ahem, Thomson without a ‘p’), a very special sandwich.


A sandwich slathered in peanut butter, overflowing with sliced banana and crispy fried bacon before the whole sandwich itself  was fried again in hot butter on a pan or griddle. Sounds a little, um, out there but these days everything is. In those days, nothing was except Elvis and what Elvis did was made law so this sandwich now still bears his name today – nice one 😀

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My Favourite Brownie Gone Oreo

This is an impromptu post. Something totally unplanned, impulsive and absolutely as far from my usual personality as it can possibly get. But I deserved it, I personally think.

As far as my holidays go, today was a so-so day. I suffered moments of intense frustration and lip biting and I slipped three times slightly in my driveway. I did cut a beautiful fruit salad to serve up to 35 people, but that was about the top of my day. Until around 2 hours ago.
I’m sure though that you don’t want to keep hearing about my day (especially today) so I am going to get straight to the point. It wasn’t the best until 2 hrs ago. And I deserved to get it back up to my holiday standard.


Now moving on… 🙂

I have posted a couple of different brownie recipes before. There was this one and this one and then a couple of fancier ones with one of the ones mentioned before turning into this one and a beautiful creation of this one. Yes, satisfy your curiosity and visit these ones. You won’t regret it.

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