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CCU Undercover: Criniti’s

Before I begin, just a big thank you to everyone who helped me with my facebook questions and who linked me to their pages – If you saw someone random named Urvashi ‘like’ you, thats me 😀 and I want to like everyone so keep on linking 🙂
I will post up my page link as soon as I get some time to make it 😉
And also I was joking when I said I had lunch with Mark Z., I promise you all I hae never even seen this guy 😀

Now on to the post – Enjoy!


“Mamma mia!”
No-Sit Coffee Shops.
“Why are all the towers leaning daddy?”
Al Pacino casually walking by with Marlon Brando with their godkids…

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3 Ways To A Happier Life

Hi, what am I doing posting on a Wednesday during school?

*ooh, bad girl truanting*
*ooh, bad girl not working her butt off unnecessarily*
*ooh, bad girl!*

Hehehe... Cheeky :D

Hehehe… Cheeky 😀

I will have you know that I can disprove all the above statements.

One: I am not truanting. Though every child takes the odd sick day which isn’t really a sick day, I can’t afford to anymore because we work quite a bit in school. So no, I woke up this morning with a splitting headache. And I’m telling you, I can sympathise with those bog body victims who got smashed with an axe on the skull before being tossed away. Ok, maybe not really 😛

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Happy National Peanut Butter Day 2012

I went on a blog once. I saw an ingredient commemoration day. And I was gone. Now I know that there is National Pancake Day, National S’mores Day, National Ice Cream MONTH!

A very cute idea that, being the patriotic food lover I am, I simply must assist in 😉

My secret, I mean, my normal peanut butter stash ;)

My secret, I mean, my normal peanut butter stash 😉

Now, obviously today is the day placing peanut butter on a pedestal – Here are some amazing peanut butter desserts which blow me away:

And more! Obviously I am a peanut butter obsessed little girl 😀 (but only in desserts or sandwiches… mmmmmm)

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