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CCU Undercover: Rise & Dine w/ Bill Granger

Exams? Pssht. CCU would rather attend an event. Obviously it is more important 🙂

But, no really it is! This event (as you can probably tell by title) is all about the importance of eating breakfast and how Australians really need to up their breakfast game! CCU has done so many breakfast posts in the past, you should all know by now she has a passion for this meal!

Read on, go forth and enjoy because after this, cross her heart and hope to die, you won’t be seeing CCU till December (with some Christmas presents in tow 😉 )

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CCU Undercover: High Tea w/ Peter Kuruvita @ Dilmah, Taste of Sydney

CCU opened the invite on her phone with shaking fingers, trying to figure out why anyone would possibly be hoping to contact her and be in association with SBS Food hero, Peter Kuruvita.

Scanning the message, she almost chucked her phone on the ground in a ‘touch down’ moment of happiness. But she didn’t. Instead, she sat down, and wrote a very calm reply while bubbling over with excitement, similarly to a newly opened bottle of champagne.

Finally, the day had come when, courtesy of Dilmah teas, she was going to have a high tea with Mr Kuruvita. Only she didn’t realise that high tea in this case, truly did mean high tea…

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I don’t really know where I should start with this post, because in the past two years, this is one of the most exciting events I have been lucky enough to experience!

But I will give it my best shot 😉 – hopefully you will learn to appreciate both tea, and the effort that goes into creating it, after I am done!

The Dilmah tent where I experienced my high tea was actually located in a massive complex of various foodie tents and stalls, set up with tasters, food gurus and chefs giving out free samples and wine tastings. Bustling with bloggers and media to food lovers from all around Sydney, this show is known as the Taste of Sydney, aptly enough 😀


Located in the beautiful Centennial Park near the city, it was set up right in the central fields, with large signage and obvious hype surrounding it. Surrounded by massive geese, tall trees and flower bushes, all these pavilions were set up in rows on the grass, with the box office to the front. Featuring stalls from over 15 restaurants, countless breweries and with free goodies all round, it is no wonder they made this an annual festival!

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