Happy 16th Cheesecake, I mean Birthday 2011

Actually Written: 4th August 2011

Aaaah, my piece de resistance (sans accents!) for this party. Rich. velvety. Caramel.
Honeycomb. Cheesecake. The perfect end to a perfect night making a horror movie
not so scary but oh so Rich. velvety.


I cannot describe the texture and overall brilliance of
this cake. All I can tell you is that it finished at my party and my mum was
scraping the cake closh for crumbs because she loved it so – thank you for this recipe!

And my mum doesn’t adore cheesecake. Scary, I know… =D


And the spider web is a nice touch non?

This is once again an Exclusively
Food creation
in which I had no need to do any adaptations
except add a whole lot more honeycomb chocolate in the middle layer. Go figure


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