Diwali Baking #3

This is a repeat cake. I know, what in the world am I doing, repeating recipes instead of trying new ones from the insanely huge list I have pending.
But I am not sorry for this.

38You see, I know a very sweet family who specialise in a love for honeycomb. And caramel. And cheesecake. And I think you know which cake I repeated. But I promise you won’t recognise it 😉

All curtains aside, do you remember the scary, oh so creepy spider cake? Oh my, it gives me shivers thinking about it (heavy sarcasm in my voice :D) – What I do actual feel are little tingles of pleasure when I think about this cake. Its richness, creaminess and overall edibility factor was enormous.

So now you see why I am not sorry I remade it (I may not have eaten the cake but guess where the batter went…)

Being Diwali and all, I did believe however that spider webs were totally inappropriate. I was just planning on writing ‘Happy Diwali’ and decorating with a couple of Crunchie bars. My plan didn’t go too well. This can tend to happen when you use a new oven for your cheesecake and the tops looks burnt (when I promise you it is not!)



So I covered up the top with a milk chocolate glaze.
Created a circumference of chopped honey roasted macadamias (a personal addiction)
Placed a Crunchie bar cut in half in the middle.

Classy, cool and sophisticated. This cheesecake has it all and will be made again, I assure you. You can see my decoration using the link above and remember, the only place to find this recipe is at Exclusively Food!

I made up my milk chocolate glaze on the spot – Just gently heat until smooth approximately 220g milk chocolate with 1/2 cup butter and an optional 1 tsp golden syrup. I spread mine a bit because it does thicken rapidly 🙂

119Have a good night mes amis (I have a French speaking task coming up – Practice!)

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