Who needs to go to France?

Actually Written: 11th September 2011

Last night I was having intense cravings. All I could think was chocolate,
chocolate, chocolate. I know you all are familiar with this craving style. Why
else would you be here if you weren’t?


Well, I thought about what I could eat, considering I had just downed 3 pieces of
Jamaica Choc Cheesecake in the afternoon. Forgive me for my gluttony, it was
necessary. So anyway, back to the chocolate craving. I then had a memory

It was a sunny day of Year 8, so long ago it feels like another lifetime (2 years, omg, 2
years!) that I first had my French Breakfast. Sounds classy right? It was
really just croissants and chocolate breads from our classic baker, Bakers


But to us naive children, it was ‘croissants’ in a cool accent and pain au chocolat. Chocolate bread? Don’t make me laugh!

How could I forget the rich chocolate drizzling out of the pain so warm and heated that I myself melted a little?

It would be another year before I realised that they were from Bakers Delight. And when
I went to that shop on another, incidentally, sunny day and asked for a warmed
chocolate bread (because I felt pretentious asking for a pain au chocolat), my melting feeling rushed back.

After this obviously long flashback, I knew what I wanted. And I knew how to get it.

Ever been to Bakingdom? No? I highly recommend. Easy baking recipes which make you
wonder why you ever went to a bakery. So from her I discovered super simple
chocolate croissants. 2 ingredients which if you don’t have in your house, I
don’t want to know you. Dark chocolate and puff pastry. A little icing sugar if
you’re feeling fancy. An oven. All good to go?

I made a few alterations but nothing major. I used chocolate blocks, not chocolate
chips. And nothing leaked out (Yea!)

I made an egg wash using 1 egg mixed with a little milk and brushed it on the pastry
before baking. It gave a really nice brown to the finished pastry. In the
original water or egg is used but just as a sealing agent.

As you can see, my ones are much smaller and weirder shaped in comparison to the
perfection which Ms Darla works with. But the cooking time remained the same
because the puff pastry needs that time to become that golden.

So go have a world class breakfast thanks to Ms Darla =D


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