Almond Popping Over Again

I swear, my house is a cookie baking factory this weekend – and none of them chocolate which should truly come as the biggest surprise!!! What is going on???
Well, anyways, do you remember me explaining my almond meal dilemma to you?

Yes well, I scrapped the traditional shortbread I was planning to make and opted for this delicious almond shortbread recipe from Joy of Baking – I obviously adore her almond cookies 🙂

68There is really not much to say about these cookies – as expected from any good shortbread, they have a melt in your mouth texture and crumble at the touch of a finger. Be warned that no matter how much you prick (mine is so holey it’s not funny!), your biscuit will definitely puff up at one stage and then suddenly deflate – no need to worry 😀

412I really haven’t changed a lot in this recipe – I used caster sugar instead of white and baked it for 20-25 min instead of the 45-55 min recommended. I also was a little weary at not greasing the tin but with the amount of butter in this awesome biscuit, it was all good. It slid off very well! I also of course used all almond meal in order to put a dent in our heavy supply!!

58Bake these today or perish tomorrow out of self-pity for not having any of these biscuits! 😛


  1. Another great post! I was able to order a huge amount of almond meal through a wholesale distributor at a bakery I worked at for super cheap so I’m always on the look out for good recipes to use it up. Thanks a million!! 🙂


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