Not A Regular Cookie

Finally! I just want to say how great it is that I have made a chocolate cookie – from the date it has been over a week since I was cooking with chocolate (*gasps in shock*)

Anyways, have you heard that saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? Well, if you haven’t, it is pretty self-explanatory in saying that when you get an opportunity in life, make something of it!

It is deep, meaningful and I believe in it completely. Especially today 🙂

4You see, I have taken this life lesson to mean basically to me “When school gives you a strike, use it to do the thing you love most” – And I think you agree that for me that is cooking!

1But I didn’t decide to just make any old recipe, willy-nilly (do not judge me, I have always wanted to use that at least once!) – I decided to do a recipe which incorporated all the things I love about cooking

  1. Creativity – the availability of ideas astounds me
  2. Chocolate chips – hence my nickname on this blog remember?
  3. Cookies – Ahem, yes, well, do NOT say you disagree
  4. Chocolate – It does need its own category even without the ‘chips’ part
  5. Simple and easy – nothing beats a recipe that tastes just as good in 5 minutes as a 1 hour recipe!
  6. Tasting new things – technically the recipe didn’t incorporate anything new but the topping sure did 🙂
  7. Ice cream – it completes life for me, truly

Which is why I decided to make these Deep-Dish Cookie Pies from the fabulous bloggers at the fabulous Blue Eyed Bakers – as you can see, they are deservedly on my favourite blog roll list 😉

2Did I make any adjustments? Yes I did more so through necessity like:

  • I baked it in smaller ramekins so that even though I made 1/6 or 1 serve of the recipe, it made 2 mini ramekins 🙂 – the baking time reduced to approximately 10 12 minutes
  • I had no eggs (shameful!) so used 1 tbs milk in its place for 1/6 of the recipen – yay for slightly vegan-ising
  • I used dark brown sugar which is why you can see a darker (and dam richer!) cookie pie
  • I used my own amount of chocolate chips – I never listen to the amount of the recipe because  I usually add at least double that anyway – Can’t help myself 😀
  • Used Milk chocolate chips because that is all I had

I really think I could go for these ‘pies’ anytime due to their lack of preparation AND baking time (bonus much!)

Next time I think I could (get ready for this!)

  • Use peanut butter instead of melted butter
  • Add in a couple of tbs Nutella and cut down sugar by 2-3 tsp
  • Use chopped up chocolate bars instead of chips or chocolate rocks
  • Used chopped up caramel lollies or better yet, melt the caramels with the butter and use, reducing the sugar by close to half!
  • Use marshmallows, syrups, fruit, nuts – OMG! etc.

Don’t you love endless possibilities!!! Enjoy!




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