Truffles (And I Ain’t Talking Mushrooms!)

Today was a baking disaster day. I can’t really go into detail because it was for a friend’s birthday present and I can’t post up until I give her the finally! baked goods 😛

Let us just say it involved cream cheese, and no batter baking but more on that later…

For the initial baking plan, I needed cream cheese. But 230 grams (I must say, Americans should sell 250g packets like the rest of us! – Well at least in Aus!). Now let me get one thing straight, I do not refrigerate that amount of cream cheese. Seriously, do anything with it, but such a small amount cannot be stomached!!!

34So I made 1/12 of a truffle recipe. And got one gorgeously gorgeous cute little truffle out of it.

It was fast, easy, a little freezy and a loitta dippy and voila – A bite-size treat of absolute deliciousness – The cream cheese combination with cookies is truly one to wonder at – that is why I instantly fell in love with these heaven on sticks!

The original recipe is from these awesome gals at Bitchin’ Kitchen. They used Oreos and dark chocolate to melt but I changed it around a little (Totally ruining the name of Oreo Cream Cheese Truffles!)

  1. I used chocolate chip cookies because I needed one cookie and let’s face it – 99% of an open Oreo packet is NOT what I want right now (but definitely what I needed to pass this frustration!)
  2. I used melted milk chocolate – just because it was open…
  3. I sprinkled the truffle with those cute chocolate rocks which gave it the distinct impression of a colourful porcupine…

25I really believe this simple truffle as many different potential tastes – freeze the caramel cookie and cream cheese truffle in caramel and coat with white chocolate OR use Monte Carlo Arnott’s Biscuit and rap the truffle around a raspberry and freeze before dipping in chocolate. YUM! – Seriously recommend this as a way to get rid of pesky leftovers…

16Can’t wait to post about this disaster day though 😛
Love you all and GOOD NIGHT 😀


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