Introducing… Savoury

That’s right folks, I have made and posted my first ever savoury dish – I feel so unlike me! But I am sure every avid baker who still lives with their parents has had the conversation ‘You must learn to cook savoury because when you are living alone, you can’t survive on sweets!’

**Ahem** – I beg to differ 😛

But finally after a long couple of months of insistence, I gave in and starting looking for savoury vegetarian (in case you didn’t know, we are all predominantly vegos) dishes and actually bookmarked a couple. ME!

19I wanted to start out simple and there was nothing that seemed better than this delicious Kidney Bean Dip recipe found at my greatest source, Exclusively Food! For a nice summer barbecue, this recipe was yelling at me to be made so you know – I went ahead and did it! And it was far from a disaster.

This recipe delivered a smooth and tasty bean dip which beats the old one my family made by far – it has a great texture and would taste great on basically all Mexican food or just as a simple dip in itself – no problem and tons of flexibility!

210I did make a couple of adaptations to this recipe though since my family is predominantly into spicy food

  • I used hot chilli salsa instead of the sweet hot chilli sauce Amanda & Debbie used
  • I used 5-6 tbs of that salsa in the dip overall instead of the required 2 tbs
  • I eat very little salt so non-salty food seems salty to me – going by my mother as a guide, if you are eating this dip without any Mexican rice, tacos, nachos etc, you should add in a pinch of salt
  • To be precise (Thomson & Thompson anyone?), I used red onions

I also have a couple of suggestions to up the anti on this awesome dip

  • Blend in or mix in some jalapenos for a real kick
  • Add 2-3 chopped tomatoes during the simmering process for another type of flavour
  • 38I do believe I won’t blend it to such a smooth consistency next time – a little chunky gives for a better kick but personal preference counts 🙂

Oh and just as a side note, mine took 45-50 minutes to simmer down to the required consistency rather than 30 minutes – really it is just a checking process!

44Enjoy your fiesta! (yes, I know it is Spanish but did you know that Spanish is the de facto official language of Mexico? I didn’t!)


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