Sugary Lunch

Sometimes I need massive hits of sugar – so much sweetness that I can finally relax and enjoy myself instead of continually nibbling on tid-bits. That is when I have a sweet lunch. It is really simple. I just make 1/4 or 1/8 of a recipe and eat it as my lunch. Nice no?

I have been known to scarf done tubs of ice cream, molten lava chocolate cakes and sometimes even mini microwave cakes on these occasions. Today I was sold on brownies. Specifically these mini delectable s’mores brownies.

You guys know what s’mores are right? This American idea which consists of two digestive biscuits filled with chocolate and marshmallows before being heated in campfire embers (or the grill/microwave) until the mallow is gooey and the chocolate is flowing. I’d say DAM, these brownies do a good imitation of them. Plus they have a brownie included which makes it all the more better no?

So should I make you jealous of my lunch while you healthy normal folk indulged in sandwiches? Yes, yes I think I will.


I got the recipe from very talented blogger, Expert Cucina. After a lot of adjusting to increase its s’more-levels, I was finally ready to eat it along with a chunky scoop of Ben & Jerry’s delectable subtle (sarcasm) caramel ice cream, Triple Caramel Chunk – talk about a good Sunday!!!

Here are my adaptations: Remember, always enjoy the day before work gets in the way! (BTW, these adaptations are for the entire recipe, although I made 1/4 which serves 1)

  • I omitted the sugar in the crust/biscuit bottom and used whichever butter cookies I had on hand instead of digestives/graham crackers (I used White Wings White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies) – for 1/4 recipe it was approximately 2 of these cookies necessary
  • Used milk chocolate in batter (specifically the delicious Original Yorkie Bar) and therefore added in 4 tsp cocoa powder for added richness
  • I replaced the white (granulated) sugar for dark brown sugar and used light brown sugar for the other sugar measurement
  • I baked with the marshmallows at 180 degrees C instead of quickly at 240 degrees C to be able to maintain my control – it takes around 6-8  minutes so next time I would not bake my crust at all but just refrigerate it while making brownie batter
  • I added in crushed chocolate chip cookies into the batter
  • I used Yorkie Bar (milk chocolate) for the top layer as well
  • I baked my brownies in total for 20 minutes before adding on chocolate bites and marshmallows
  • I used coffee essence in half the quantity given for vanilla essence (if using vanilla double the amount of essence)214And that just about does it 🙂

Although this brownie did not grace my brownie categories of best overall brownie (a title still taken up by my Masterchef brownies which I am yet to remake and post about), it did kick the brownie pillow cookies from my ‘Fanciest’ category into the ‘Most Creatively Brilliant’ category which kicked my ultimate caramel brownies into the ‘#1 Brownie With Extra’  category.

Phew! It’s a tough job but someone has to do it, don’t you agree? 😀


Sweet Comments Welcome!

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