Chocolate Chip Baking Week 7: Thick And Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am asking you a very personal question – have you ever had that dream where you are eating a giant marshmallow but on waking, are actually chewing on your pillow? No?

Good because obviously neither have I. But I believe now that should I ever happen to have this dream (stranger things have happened, I assure you!), it won’t be a giant, fluffy marshmallow I am devouring. It will be this cookie, only ultra mega-sized.

215I kid you not, this cookie has simply taken up the position as winner of the Thick and Cakey section as if it was born to be there. And as its name suggests, it obviously was. When you bite into one of these darlings, it feels as if your teeth are chomping through a never ending bite of soft, chewy cookie dough pillow. It delivers twice the POW of a normal cookie due to the extraordinary thickness.

I have to say that along with the Brown Butter Chewy Cookies, this is equal second when it comes to the favourite recipe, and only by a smidgen (I would happily bake and eat these for the rest of my life).

116This recipe has also brought together my long time nemesis, baking powder, and myself. Without its magical touch in the way it is added, my cookie would not have the height or slight spread necessary. It is also very different in the creation of dough. You use cold butter (everyone knows what a pain it is to cream that so you don’t – just get to a crumbly stage with the brown sugar). You have small chunks of butter in the dough throughout, since it cannot be properly combined. The dough is stiff and sticky like crazy, I had to add an extra tbs of flour.

316And I loved every moment of this milk chocolate chip cookie cake turned cookie? 😛

Try this recipe from the insanely talented Amira at Divine Baking!

First Thing Tomorrow: Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies 🙂

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  1. I like these puffy chocolate chip cookies-yum! I do need to dig into your blog to see all the different goodies you have posted. While I have only seen chocolate chips, I notice that there is a lot variety in your topics list, so perhaps after the holidays.
    Not sure what your schedule is but I wish you a wonderful holiday full of all the joy and love that it has to offer!


    • I hope you really enjoy your investigations 🙂
      I had been ‘blogging’ on Microsoft Word since the beginning of this year and never got a chance to actually make a real blog till October – so all my 2011 recipes are here 🙂
      I wish exactly the same back to you. Have a very merry and happy Christmas and best of luck for the New Year. Enjoy your cooking and let’s hit 2012 😀


  2. Wow, you have done in again. I think my kids are on their way to your house. Every day you post these very yummy desserts and they always are looking over my shoulder saying why don’t you make that mom?


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