Holiday Post #3: White Christmas Slice

With Christmas only one week away, I am sure you are seeing many of the following categories of people:

  1. People with different accents – visitors, family, friends, globally congregating to spend the festival with their loved ones
  2. Street Santas – Be they for charity or hired for photos, Santas are everything (though the Scottish accent is not always in place :P)
  3. The Runners – People literally marathon-ing it through the shops, trying to find last minute presents for people they forgot or for those who have just gotten off work for the holidays
  4. Christmas Carollers – Though not so common in Australia, I am sure other places are seeing a flurry of warmly dressed, candle holding bunch singing Silent Night, acapella style 🙂


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Can you not feel the Christmas spirit in the air? 🙂 – And with only a week to go, next post (if my jet lag has not stopped me from baking) will mean one very Christmassy recipe!

Where am I right now (or where will I be when this post is published?) – I am dancing in grass skirts, flowers in my hair and a big piece of pineapple in my mouth – yep, through my super subtle clues you guessed it – Hawaii! 🙂


While I bathe under the golden sun, feel free to try this recipe I am sharing with you wonderful people – one of my most popular christmas presents when I made it, it is just gorgeous 😀
And it is super simple too!


Copha. What is copha? What kind of name is copha? If I have no idea what it is, why am I using copha?

Ok, time to investigate:

Copha is: “A form of vegetable fat shortening.’ Wikipedia


Is it just me of does that just sound like butter, but vegetable style? Oh well. This ingredients melts to look like oil, binds like heaven, and was delicious in these bars because it does not add any of its own flavour 😀

Also, these slices are super kid-friendly. Now… don’t be put off… but they don’t actually kinda contain chocolate. I KNOW I KNOW, the name – White Christmas slice? Where is the white chocolate – and look at that super white colour!


But no – it gets its colour from the copious amount of milk powder in it. I told you, super kid friendly, considering milk powder was a staple for me as a baby 😛

Also, the original recipe called for glace cherries, sultanas and candied angelica (wth right?) – Being a child in the body of an 18 year old, I just tutted and substituted chopped up lollies. It may send your kids on a high like it did me, but trust me – no one needs to be eating fancy-pants dried fruit in a slice as decadent as this one 😀


You know, I have no idea why this is, in particular, a Christmas slice. So I have come to one conclusion and one conclusion alone – this white slice is a representation of all the colours that make up Christmas so it is symbolic more than anything 🙂

Are people insulted that with my mix of colours in these bars, it more represents the Mardi Gras?



Didn’t think so 😛 – it is chewy, crunchy at the first bite and super deliciously addictive so have fun with it! And check out the notes for ALL the variations you can have (yowza!) 🙂

Printable Recipe!

White Christmas Slice 

Adapted From: Exclusively Food


  • 250g Copha
  • 1/2-3/4 cup icing mixture or icing sugar
  • 100g desiccated coconut
  • 1 1/4 cup full cream milk powder
  • 1 1/4 cup rice bubbles
  • 400g Starburst (or any lolly pack) – roughly chopped


  1. Line an 18 by 28cm baking tin with baking paper
  2. Melt copha in a small saucepan over medium heat
  3. Sift icing mixture into a large bowl and add in the chopped lollies, milk powder and rice bubbles
  4. Stir till well combined
  5. Make a well in the centre and pour in the melted copha – stir till mixed together
  6. Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin and firmly press it in, using the back of a spoon
  7. Tightly cover with aluminium foil and refrigerate until cold
  8. Slice and eat…. I mean share and be merry 😛



  • Adult version measurements: Get rid of the lollies and add 1 cup sultanas, 1/2 cup chopped glace cherries, 2/3 cup roughly chopped dried apricots and 50g angelica or green pistachios (if adding pistachios, add in a pinch of cardamon)
  • To make it chocolatey, use cocoa pops, add in chocolate chunks and melt some chocolate with the copha
  • Used dried cranberries as well for extra festivity

See you soon with a bucket load of festive spirit and jet lag mes cheris!

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  1. Love your round-the-world trip, CCU. What a great graduation present (I’m guessing it’s a present)! These little treats are so sweet and could be used for gifts any time of year. Hmmm, what could go in them for Valentine’s Day?!


  2. mjskit: Wish my vacation had been in Hawaii instead of Louisiana! What a lucky girl you are. I know your having fun! Sorry I’ve been missing your Christmas posts, but I’m catching up. This one was a fabulous starter! Have a wonderful holiday season Uru!!!


  3. Nava64: Ahhh!!! simple tempting. Its a simple process but with a big outcome. I didn’t know that you are back to blogging. Good that you dropped by and give me the indication. Will came back again for more sugar rush.


  4. Hannah says:

    Never seen nor heard of copha before, but hooray for accidentally vegan ingredients! I’d certainly try it at least once, especially in such a charmingly colorful, sweet treat.


  5. Balvinder says:

    Hi Guru Uru, I received 7 of your email posts all in one day, good to see you back after the Dallas vacation. The Christmas slice looks delicious and perfect for the holiday. Is rice bubbles the same as rice Krispies?


  6. Choc Chip Uru says:

    eliotthecat: What a pretty treat! You left of one thing off your list of sights: cart stuffers (which might be a runner as well). 🙂 Have a magical time in Hawaii, friend!!!! Best to you and yours!


  7. Choc Chip Uru says:

    Abbe@This Is How I Cook: This is a new one to me so I’m going to trust you on this! Love Hawaii and you made me realize it’s been too long since I’ve been there. Enjoy yourself-you never know when you will be able to go back!


  8. Choc Chip Uru says:

    Three Well Beings: I just love this recipe! I would like to make it, but I’ve never seen Copha anywhere. I’m going to need to track that down, I think. Hawaii! Woo-hoo! Now that’s a vacation!


  9. Choc Chip Uru says:

    Kim@Treats & Trinkets: This is totally a Christmas slice because it makes a great gift. 😛 I love giving candy like this. I’ve never heard of copha though; I’ll have to see if we have something similar in the States!


  10. Choc Chip Uru says:

    Angie@Angie’s Recipes: I have never heard of copha before… and learn!
    Those Christmas slices are so beautiful and I have no doubt at all they are divine!


  11. Choc Chip Uru says:

    John@Kitchen Riffs: I’ve never been to Hawaii – really want to go sometime. Gotta see the volcanoes! Such interesting geology there, and of course loads of great sights, too. And I’ve never had copha – sounds interesting. Certainly this dish looks great! So pretty. 😉 Thanks for this.


  12. Choc Chip Uru says:

    A_Boleyn: I’ve never made a real Christmas slice like this, just a relatively simple one with just dried cranberries, rice crispies and shredded coconut. It was good but yours is just choc full of surprises inside.


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