A Girl Needs Her Rum?

I suppose a girl does when it comes in a cake like this… it is rich, moist and a little bit naughty – nah, I’m kidding, its rum essence 🙂

Rum essence really kicks up the whipped cream layer of this cake – it does add extra flavour and matches really well with the orange and chocolate cakes throughout this cake – YUM!

Now the frosting for this cake, please use all of it otherwise you will end up like me – I KID YOU NOT but I did manage to eat AT LEAST 1 cup of frosting – oh yeah, it was so pure, sweet and chocolate-y…


Without further ado ladies and gents, I give YOU (yep lucky you) this recipe for RUM LAYER CAKE! Wait no, there is further ado – A little warning that the cakes my cooking partner and I made were a little well, um cracked so after splitting and layering we managed but the cake was almost about the fall and crack and splosh down… BUT I will make sure you won’t have any disasters (and ours looked nice inside!) AND teach you how to make chocolate leaves 😀

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Diwali Baking #1

Hello my friends!
After an insane week of exams and hair pulling and eye gouging (no, this is not female wrestling), I am back to bake weekly after a brilliant night of Footloose-ing with mates (ILY Willard, Rusty’s blue prom dress!)

Like in my procrastination post before this one (oops!), I was saying how many things are fast approaching (and not just baking wise)

One of these is DIWALI! Indian festival of colours, this is the time when our house is the lightest on our street 😀

For Diwali is Indian equivalent to Christmas I’d say so we go around eating rich Indian curries (mutter paneer and stuffed cheese naan – YUM) and giving out presents – This year I was commissioned to bake for a couple of families specifically by my dear mother – DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?


  • I bake full recipes instead of quarters and eighths!
  • I bake during the night because it is a lot of work getting out cakes and truffles all day long!
  • I decorate the desserts!
  • I see big fat smiles (touchwood so far…)

57My first recipe was a German Chocolate Cake. It is for my brilliant godparents. Dam do they deserve this cake which I am so happy to give to them!!!

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Fond-[ant]-ly Remembering Christmas 2010

Actually Written: Term 4 2010

At the end of 2010, our food tech class went absolutely nuts! My teacher is brilliant, creative and totally not lazy so she organised a ton of awesome
Christmas cooking activities! Thank You, Mrs D!!!

One such was a Christmas fruitcake (non-alcoholic ;P)
It was such a cute, adorable little baby with a brilliant recipe (we gave the pretty cake to our neighbour so I only tasted the batter – not really a shame)
The fondant rolling, colouring and just general working was absolutely brilliant though!!! It was such a new experience that was messy and all hands-on (a.k.a I



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Baking snakes is not good in a cake…

Actually Written: August 4th 2011

That is why this is a NO-BAKE Snake Cake.

Well, this was one of those cakes that looks too good to eat – that’s when you KNOW it is an awesome recipe


This cake was actually much easier than I thought – I
figured all this icing was bound to kill and it was difficult to handle at
first admittedly, but as time progressed the snake ‘skin’  just got smoother and smoother (and covered
with chocolate peanut M&Ms…yum!!!)

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Christmas came a little early… because I was hungry

Actually Written: 8th September 2011

Ok so my gift? A day off school because of an industrial
strike. My reasoning – “I have been granted my gift-list = Santa came =
Ate my Brookie = Christmas time = Christmas baking” – Makes perfect sense


Yes I know, exactly, so this morning, the first thing I
did was get up and make mini Christmas puddings. Fast, easy and include

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Cherries, Chocolate and Cream, so much cream…

YAY my first actual cooking post! Please enjoy =)

Actuallly Written: 24th June 2011

Cake closh – check; fancy topping – check, taste – hell yes, I mean check =]

My brother had a Uni party for the first time at our house and it gave me an
excuse to create a massive 20cm diameter springform cake (I usually have to cut
down recipes to 1/4 – 1/8 for my family unless no chocolate is involved and
still it’s half – sacrilegious no?)

Black Forest Cake 2011 Bhaiya Uni Party 2


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