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ANZAC Day 2013

ANZAC – The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Respected, admired and commemorated for their efforts in saving their nations and allowing the freedom in which we live today.

Lest we forget.


Meet John Smith. He is a 15 year old boy of the early 20th century, living by cricket and just starting to get those hormonal ticks which make him interested in Elizabeth, whose hair he used to pull when they were little.

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Guest Post #2: Apple Pie Egg Rolls

Bonjour mes cheris, get excited for me! After I finish these exams I am wading through right now, half of year 12 will be forever finished and over with! YAY!

Mais non, focus, FOCUS! It certainly is not over yet no matter how much I dream about year 12 formal. Ah, c’est la vie!

Anyhow, while I am not here to give you recipes, tips, tricks and well, my blog, I have some pretty fan-friggin-tastic fabulous chefs lined up to do so instead! A whole range of dishes for you to enjoy while I am on this undesired break 😉 – You won’t even notice my absence I promise!

See you soon for the April holidays and wishing you all a marvelous Easter break! Promise me you will chow down on what that Easter Bunny brings you/your chocolate loot stashed in the bottom of your drawer – Yes, I am on to you all 😀

Choc Chip Uru

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I have made many friends through blogging all over the world and they are all the epitome of awesome – just wonderful people blowing off steam by cooking and enjoying every minute of it! One blogger who always stands as seen by her commitment to it is the very talented Ramona from Curry And Comfort!

Her meals, desserts, drinks, EVERYTHING always look like they could be sold in a gourmet restaurant, as you shall soon see 😉
Please welcome brilliant Ms Ramona and her sweet Apple Pie Egg Rolls!!!

Apple Pie Eggrolls2


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A Piece Of Pie

Of course I didn’t just make savoury for the barbecue – helping make pasta and paneer and creating a dip is fun and all but seriously, so not brainwashed!

I decided a rustic style of dessert would be appropriate for this so I went with an apple pie. Simple, gorgeous and an unfailingly popular dessert for sure! This was actually my first time making a real pie and I realised this only yesterday – tarts I am all over but pies, oh my! And the humid weather really helped out (major sarcasm dripping in voice!)

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