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What Did You Do For Valentines Day?

Well. Here we are. Two days after Valentines Day. The day filled with romance, roses and red stuff. Because you know. Valentines Day.

The day one gets so mushy and gushy (rhyme that with mushy for my sake :P), seeing couples (old, young, in that ‘middle zone’ where they can’t decide) holding hands and walking in rhythm… sigh… what a romantic day.



The day that TV shows nothing but cartoons glowing red and giving their other half a kiss on the cheek with their hearts literally beating out of their chest, as if it would rip it apart.

Yeah, Jerry, you can’t hide that luuuurve on Valentines Day 😉



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Made It To 2013!

HIIIIIIII!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 I’m Backkkkkkkk….. well actually, I would like to make a slight confession… which you already know from my last guest post… I have been back for almost 5 ½ days now…. And yes it is only now I am addressing you, my friends, again.

You would honestly think after an over-2 week break, I would be making a run for the kitchen, falling over my feet to get to a handheld mixer. However… on arrival home from the airport, I was more like sloth-crawling, still falling (yes you can crawl and still fall) over my feet to get to the nearest sign of a warm, comfy, no-seat-involved bed.  The reason I say no-seat is because our night flight in economy class resulted in a sore backside and quite a stiff neck 😛


So I therefore resolved to sleep sleep and sleep a little more and start cooking the next day. I had a vision in my head of how awesome it would totally be. Nope, wrong, guess what lil ol’ jetlagged me ended up doing the next day… sleeping? Nope. Jokes, that is all I did 😉

So I resolved yet again to work on my post and cook something the next day but guess what happened at night. I woke up at 2:30am (YAY) because my screwed up body clock told me in a sneering, I-have-total-control-and-I-flaunt-it voice that it was not sleep-time in India. Hahaha-friggin ha 😉


But I do believe now, finally, while I am typing up this post, I may have gotten over the worst of it 🙂 – I feel fresh, alive… wait… naaaah, I feel pretty normal. As much as 43 degree heat will let you 😛

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Whoops + Melting Moments

I told you I had to bake again today and here it is – the most delicious, melt in your mouth recipe for Melting Moments. I can’t explain enough how simple and effective this recipe is in delivering a crunchy exterior cookie with a soft inner, touched up with lemony frosting in between – it is my dream pillow…

Why the whoops? Well, hehe, funny story, you’ll die laughing when you hear this – I used wholemeal flour instead of plain. Because I couldn’t obviously tell the two apart… oh dear, oh my…

3You see, there are no labels in our home and really, why should there be – when I look at it now, it is so easy to tell the difference between the two! But, I am going to blame my sickness and say that it scrambled my brains and made me use wholemeal flour in this delightful cookie which is still just as delicious may I add… just not as pretty you know…

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