Whoops + Melting Moments

I told you I had to bake again today and here it is – the most delicious, melt in your mouth recipe for Melting Moments. I can’t explain enough how simple and effective this recipe is in delivering a crunchy exterior cookie with a soft inner, touched up with lemony frosting in between – it is my dream pillow…

Why the whoops? Well, hehe, funny story, you’ll die laughing when you hear this – I used wholemeal flour instead of plain. Because I couldn’t obviously tell the two apart… oh dear, oh my…

3You see, there are no labels in our home and really, why should there be – when I look at it now, it is so easy to tell the difference between the two! But, I am going to blame my sickness and say that it scrambled my brains and made me use wholemeal flour in this delightful cookie which is still just as delicious may I add… just not as pretty you know…

But anyway, moving on… these are brilliant, like I mentioned above. Have I ever told you how my mum hates chewy cookies (I know, she must be the first ever!!!)? Well she does, and she loved these (not that she got to taste but you can tell between crunchy and chewy cookies!)
This cookie recipe even sans filling is now my go-to crunchy biscuit recipe – I have been demanded to make yet another batch this coming weekend (and what a whirlwind weekend it is to be :))

Some ideas I have for this cookie sans filling:

  • Add in citrus zest
  • Use brown sugar
  • Add in chocolate chips, nuts etc.
  • Use different essences in batter

Sounds soooo good… yes, I am blowing my own horn thank you!

4Some adaptations I made:

  • If you will be piping this dough into cool swirl cookies, definitly add 1-2 tbs of full cream milk into it to give it a smoother consistency which is pipe-able
  • I added 2 tsp of vanilla essence instead of 3/4 tsp
  • I might using passionfruit pulp in the filling
  • I used custard powder (vanilla) in cookie rather than cornstarch as it is the traditional ingredient of a melting moment

2And take a moment to note

  • I DID NOT get 40 cookies out of this recipe – I got 11, and they were not all that big…
  • If you make 1 batch of frosting, it will be good for 2 batches (my batches) of biscuits unless you are layering a huge amount
  • This frosting was fantastic on my 1hummingbird cake
  • I refrigerated mine because I had to take them to school but I think after 1 hour initial refrigeration, you should store them in an airtight container at room temperature for ultimate flavour

So why is it imperitive I make these melting moments when I am feeling pretty shoddy right now? Because remember shhhh… we are throwing Ms D a surprise farewell party…

Give me a moment to explain: Do you remember the meringue tower, the fruitcake, the marble cake, the souffle? The lemon meringue cupcakes? The list goes on… and why, only last night there was the macaron madness night!

The point is, Ms D never treated teaching us all these techniques and tricks as a job – she actually wanted to and the effort she put in for every prac, demo and out-of-sight activity (like entering the Triple CCC Dairy Comp) was phenomenonal. You asked her anything and she would whip back to you and give you anything you need. Let me reminisce for a minute – my cooking partner and I burnt some spaghetti and it stuck to the bottom – I mean stuck – hehehe… oops. I’m sure you savoury cooks know the difficulty with taking that off the bottom of a saucepan right? Well Ms D cleaned it for us!!! When we couldn’t do it, no detentions or harsh words, just a simple ‘I’ll do it!!!’

5I couldn’t ask for anything better in a teacher than what she gave to us – she was so nice, a brilliant cook, helpful and one of the best guides I could ask for in starting my interest in baking and cooking.

I know you are not reading this Ms D, because you don’t know I have a blog (so many secrets today!) but Here’s To You – hope you enjoy tomorrow 🙂

P.S This recipe is obviously from Exclusively Food! Forgot to mention up above!!!


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